Button Ski Rack - 5 Pair

Button Ski Rack - 5 Pair

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5 Position 24" Button Ski Rack

If wall space in your garage, basement or condo is at a premium, or if you want one rack that will store any style of ski, or if you're not sure if storing skis by their tips is good for them, consider the Totti Button Ski Rack™ (patent pending). More and more people are choosing the Button Ski Rack because it provides advantages that traditional designs don't have.

The Button Ski Rack advantages over traditional designs:
  • Short, long, fat, narrow, twin tips, rockers, telemarks: One rack fits all styles of skis: Super fat powders skis and race skis can be stored side by side.
  • Put your skis on display. Skis face the room, which consumes almost half the wall space of other ski storage systems.
  • The Button Ski Racks provides random access to any pair of skis.
  • Skis are stored off the ground.
  • Ski poles can be stored between buttons.
  • Handmade in USA

This 24 inch ski rack stores 5 pairs of skis on patented fixtures. Most ski bindings have ski brakes that hold the skis together. The Button Ski Rack uses this to store pairs of skis. One ski hangs by the ski binding toe piece. The other ski hangs, on the suspended ski, by the ski brakes. Skis that don't have ski brakes, such as telemark skis, require a strap to keep them together.

The Totti Button Ski Rack provides a unique wall mounting system that hides mounting screw heads under the face board. The back board comes in two pieces; the face board and the cleat board. The cleat board unscrews from the front face and screws to the wall. You drill the cleat board to match the stud pattern of the wall. The front face comes down over the cleat board and covers the screw heads. This means that wall studs don't dictate how the Button Ski Rack is centered on the wall, and irregularly spaced wall studs don't create a problem.

Dimensions: 24" x 3.5" x 5"

The Button Ski Rack is a patented design.


Button Ski Rack - 5 Pair Assembly

Customer Reviews

Review of: Button Ski Rack - 5 Pair
Small & convenient
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Angela Alftin — CA, US

Pretty slick! and sturdy too.
If you think it'll be a good fit, go for it. Product is solid.
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-Andy A —

Worth it!
Sturdy build, clever design, I'm impressed!
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Andy — WA, US

Perfect for our all mountain skis
This Button Ski Rack is built with loving care, delivered promptly. Uses less space than conventional ski racks. I don't have a wall to put it on, so I built a frame to mount it. Because the skis hang by the toe piece the rack can be mounted only 42 inches off the floor, an advantage for us.
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Paul Beckett — Whistler, BC

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