Therm-ic Foot Warmers and Boot Heaters

Therm-ic warm up technologiesNo More Cold Feet! With Thermic boot heaters and ski boot warmers you can ski all day long! No matter how cold it is, your feet can stay nice and cozy with our Thermic Footwarmers. Simply insert them in your boots and off you go!

Our innovative Thermic boot heaters and ski boot warmers give you the chance to stay warm and dry while making the most of your favorite winter sports. Imagine that you could ski all day long, without having to worry about wet socks or excessively cold feet that would inevitably kill your mood and force you to take a break.

The Thermic boot heaters and ski boot warmers ensure plenty of hours of uninterrupted fun on ski slopes and in any other cool environment where staying warm and dry would become your top priorities. Instead of adding unnecessary layers of fabric in your boot or carrying spare pairs of socks with you at all times, take the easy way out: place the Thermic Footwarmers inside your boots to keep your feet cozy and happy for the entire day.

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Therm-ic PowerPack Sets

Want to update from previous batteries to new Therm-ic batteries? You'll need the Therm-ic PowerPack SET with 2 battery packs and recharger. Your existing heating elements will work with the new Therm-ic batteries.

Discover Our Line of Advanced Therm-ic Foot Warmers and Boot Heaters

Despite how cold it is outside, these advanced aids will enable you to maintain an ideal temperature inside your boot and prevent a wide range of issues, such as frostbites, which could mark the ending of your skiing trip. How Do These Advanced Foot Warmers and Boost Heaters Actually Work?When you think about heaters that go inside your boot and keep your feet warm at all times, you inevitably think about annoying wires and a complicated configuration and usage.

The Therm-ic foot warmers and boot heaters from CozyWinters have nothing to do with all this. Designed with your absolute comfort in mind, these elements are as user-friendly and convenient as they get. The Therm-ic Footwarmer Supermax with heat-ready insoles provides as much as 18 hours of pleasant warmth and comes with three heat settings. The Thermic-ic Footwarmer Max lasts for up to 14 hours, comes with heat-ready insoles and also has three heat settings. The Therm-ic Footwarmer Smart Pack Remote rc1200 ensures an ideal warming effect for no less than 22 hours and represents a top choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Based on lithium ion power cells, this option is available with heat-ready insoles. At CozyWinters, you can also find and buy the smartest accessories that complement these advanced and easy to use foot warmers and boot heaters. The Therm-ic parts and accessories are hot must-haves that you should always pack first while getting ready for a skiing trip or any other adventure in cool environments.