STABILicers Replacement Cleats

STABILicers Replacement Cleats

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Replaceable case hardened steel cleats: Custom designed concave head to grip ice, rock, snow, etc.

STABILicers Maxx Replacement Cleats

STABILicers RUN, SPORT, HEEL, and OverShoe Replacement Cleats

Note: Please ensure you are choosing the right replacement cleats for your snow cleats. Choosing the wrong replacement cleat may damage your snow cleats.

Stabilicers Cleat Wrench
Sale Price: $9.95
Use this Cleat Wrench for replacing cleats on Stabilicers Maxx, Run, Hike XP, Hike Macro, Overshoes, and Heel.

Customer Reviews

Work as described.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Robert Odell — ID, US

Replacement cleats
I'm glad I ordered these. I will be using the cleats a lot, and these are easy to replace.
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