Get-A-Grip - Due North Replacement Spikes (6 Pack)

Get-A-Grip - Due North Replacement Spikes (6 Pack)

by SureFoot Due North    

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6 Replacement Carbide Tungsten Spikes (last 10 times longer than steel) for maximum grip on ice and snow.

The innovative Ice Diamond™ carbide spikes give the Get-A-Grip™ family superiority over all other winter traction aids.

As a safety precaution, the new Ice Diamond carbide spike tabs are technically designed to give and release from undo stress without tearing the rubber. To replace spikes, simply push from the inside to the outside of the sole.

Ice Diamond replaceable carbide tungsten spikes can be replaced in seconds without the need for a tool of any kind.

Get-A-Grip Replacement Spikes works with the following products ONLY:

WinterGrips Lite Ice Cleats (2-Pack)
Sale Price: $14.95
Great for that unexpected snow or ice storm, so keep a pair everywhere you might need them.

Customer Reviews

I love my cleats, but I needed to replace a spike that fell out and got lost. These replacement spikes fit perfectly
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L. Santowski —

Just what I needed
These replacement spikes were exactly what I needed, after some of mine had broken off. Getting them in the "shoe" is a little tricky, but once they are in, it's time to get out there and enjoy.
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Sue —

Great spike replacements
Excellent replacement spikes for my winter cleats. They fit right in, and appear to be of good quality
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Warren — ND, US

Unbelievable Grip - Long Lasting!
I've used these on my running shoes in the winter for 22 years now. Have never fallen. I only replace the spikes when they either wear down (takes years) or one falls out (rare). In 22 years, I've gone through only 3 packs replacements for (2) sets of cleats.
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Tracy — US

Get some in case you might need them: they're cheap.
Though my get-a-grip advanced ice cleats have not lost any cleats in 3 years, it's a good idea to have spares in case your old ones wear out. These things GRIP, and LAST.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Douglas Kelban — NY, US

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