Cane / Crutch Grip Tip With Retractable Ice Spike

Cane / Crutch Grip Tip With Retractable Ice Spike

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The retractable spike offered in the Cane/Crutch Tip provides a firm grip on snow, ice and most other outdoor surfaces. The spike retracted for use during the summer months or while indoors, and will provide traction on smooth flooring.

The patented elastic neck adjusts to the dimension of the cane or crutch shaft, making it easy for you to replace or substitute tips as needed. And, the Standard size fits virtually any walking pole, wooden cane, or crutch having a shaft diameter between 5/8"-7/8". The special Small size fits very small size cane tips, between 1/2"-11/16".

Manufactured in Sweden, the tips are made of high quality polyurethane, which not only makes them extremely durable, but also provides for an excellent grip both indoors and outdoors. Safety is enhanced because the tread pattern at the bottom of the tip does not wear as quickly as a conventional tip may. Inside all tips are washers which prevent the cane or crutch from wearing through the tip. The tips provide excellent grip both indoors and outdoors and are renowned for their durability.

Additional Features:
  • Patented elastic neck adjusts to the dimension of the cane or crutch
  • Provides a firm grip on snow and ice
  • Doubles as a regular tip when flipped up
  • Spike flips up or down with simple movement
  • Spike is made of stainless steel - will not rust
  • Zinc-plated (rust proof) steel washer inside to prevent shaft from wearing through tip quickly
  • Easy to replace
  • Sizes
    Small: 1/2"-11/16" *
    Standard (fits most): 5/8"-7/8" (fits 5/8, 3/4 and 7/8 shafts)

* Special Small Sized - Fits Cane Tips 1/2"-11/16" ONLY

Note: Keep spike retracted while indoors so as not to damage floors.

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