HeatTreads™ Heated Door Mat

HeatTreads&#8482 Heated Door Mat
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    Keep Entrances Safe

    Our Snow Melting Entrance Mat is a rugged non-slip outdoor mat that has inner heating layer designed to prevent snow and ice accumulation around your entryway. The heated door mats continuously melt snow and ice keeping surfaces constantly clear and safe. They plug into any standard 120V outlet generating heat to melt snow. You can help to prevent dangerous slip and fall accidents outside your home or facility, while keeping the mess from being tracked inside. Turn the mat on before or after a snow fall, watch the snow melt as fast as it falls.

    These outdoor heated door mats are a clean alternative to messy calcium chloride or salting entrance ways, both calcium chloride and salt can be tracked throughout your office or home. TUV certified.

    • Rugged non-slip outdoor mat has inner heating layer to prevent build-up of snow & ice
    • Keep entrances safe
    • Prevent dangerous slip-and-fall
    • Use in porches, entryways, ramps, doorways, loading docks etc
    • Ideal for office buildings, stores, nursing homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, churches etc

    • Uses just 240 watts (Typical space heaters use 1500-2000 watts and are not safe for outdoor use)
    • 120 VAC, grounded cord
    • Safe for outdoor use; water resistant rubber mat
    • TUV safety listed
    • Cord has Ground Fault Interrupter
    • Product Dimensions: 35" L x 33" W x 0.5" thick
    • Box Dimensions: 36" L x 34" W x 3" thick
    • Weight: 17 pounds
    • Cord length: 15 ft.
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