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Cooling Dog Products & Pet Accessories

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June 20, 2011
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July 7, 2008
Cooling Dog Products & Pet Accessories help to keep your canine cooler all summer long. When the weather warms up, we can help to keep your dog cool. Protect your pet from overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Remember to offer your dog plenty of fresh cool water, a shady place to rest, and treat your animal to a pet cooling bed.

As part of our cooling dog products & pet accessories we offer cooling pet products, pet shade solutions, pet water safety items, indoor pet potties, portable pet products and more. Looking for cooling home products? Check out this ChiliPad Cube for your Mattress!
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Summer Heat Danger
Pets can be adversely affected by high temperatures. Heat exhaustion is one of the most common ailments of pets during the summer months.

Short-nosed dogs such as boxers and pugs are especially vulnerable to the heat.

Please protect your pet.

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When the weather starts to warm up, your pups canít wait to spend their days lounging in the sun, but with heat exhaustion being a big concern in dogs, make sure your summer pet accessories include a few cooling dog products.

CozyWinters has all of the best cooling dog products & pet accessories and pet accessories you can buy for your furry friend at prices for every budget and options for every dog, big or small. When most people think about cooling their dog, they immediately think of a pool. While we do offer dog pools and accessories to go with the pool, our products range much further than your standard plastic, backyard set up.

For the dog that has a lot of fur and struggles to stay cool in the summer heat, check out one of the cooling dog coats. These jackets gradually release water through evaporation, keeping your pup cool for hours at a time. If a full jacket is too much, then take a look at the cooling collar, a smaller device that offers the same cooling power.

Another option for your pet is a cooling dog bed or cooling gel pad for their bed. These create cold, comfortable places to relax when the heat gets to be to much. For another option, take a look at the elevated cots that allow air to flow under them, giving your pup a breeze all over his body.

We know that humans arenít the only ones who enjoy a good boat ride or a dip in the water. If your pup is a water dog, make sure you get him a good life jacket for his safety. He can keep cool with a little swim and you will know that he is safe the whole time.

Of course in addition to our cooling dog products and pet accessories, it is always best to have a nice, shaded spot for your pup to relax in during the summer heat and to offer plenty of fresh, cool water throughout the day to avoid dehydration, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion.