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Non-Heated Dog Beds

At CozyWinters you can buy dog beds to accommodate every dog size and budget. You treat your pup like a member of the family: Why not use comfortable dog beds so they can have a place of their own to lay their head for a long afternoon nap?

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  • Car Back Seat Protector - Dog Seat Cover
    Water-resistant double-ply
    600 Denier nylon. 2 colors.
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  • Travel/SUV Dog Bed
    Water resistant bolster. 2 colors. 2 sizes. Stay-put bottom.
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  • Pet Furniture Covers
    Protect Your chair, love seat & sofa! Soft micro-suede. 3 sizes. 2 colors.
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  • Heated Chair Cover
    Keeps you warm and protects your chair from spills & pets.
    $79.95 FREE Shipping Offer*
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  • Heated Sofa Cover
    Keeps you warm and protects your sofa from spills & pets.
    $149.95 FREE Shipping Offer*
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We offer an option for every dog. If you live in a warm climate, or your pup really enjoys basking in the sun, then you probably want to check out one of the cooling dog bed options. You can choose from a cooling bed, a gel cooling bed, or an elevated cot which allows air to blow under the dog to offer a cool breeze over his whole body. These beds will make sure your dog does not overheat in the hot sun. If you donít need actual cooling technology but instead a nice shady place for your pup to get out of the sun, then take a look at the canopy bed, which offers a nice, comfortable bed with built-in shade.

For the older dog or for any dog with any joint issues or other health concerns, your best bet may be to invest in an orthopedic dog bed. These beds are created to keep dogs comfortable when lying down isnít always the most cozy position they can find themselves in.

CozyWinters also offers many standard pillow-type dog beds that are perfect for every dog and can be found in small, medium, and large sizes. If your dog likes to spend his days outside but his evenings nuzzled in the comforts of your home, then check out the indoor/outdoor dog pillow bed selections we offer.

While we know that every dog is different in the things he likes and the bedding he finds comfortable, with our extensive selection, we are sure your pup is going to fall in love with one of the beds we have to offer. He is manís best friend after all, might as well treat him to a special place to call his own.