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Non-Heated Cat Beds

Every cat has a personality of its own, so why not give them one of our cozy cat beds that speaks their language. With so many selections of unique cat beds, there is bound to be at least one option that is perfect for your furry little friend. We also carry a great dog house air conditioner and Dog Bone Pool here!
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Although they are often known as nocturnal animals, cats spend much of their time doing what they do best: cat napping. Often times this occurs on your furniture, leaving a trail of hair that is near impossible to combat. By offering kitty his own cat bed, you will be saving yourself frustration and your furniture from constant cat hair, and most importantly, showing your cat how you truly love them.

For the cat who likes to feel protected, a cat house may be a good option for your kitty. Offered in both inside and outside options, this kind of shelter helps kitty feel safe and warm.

If your kitty is playful and likes to climb, then offering him residence in the Hangin’ Feline Funhouse is a great solution to both playtime and naptime. This door-hanging apparatus features several peep holes that kitty can climb in and out of and a durable interior where your cat can take a comfortable nap when he pleases.

Kitty Sills Cat Bed is an excellent selection for the cat who loves to bask in the sun in front of the window. This cat bed attaches to the window sill and gives your feline a perfect, padded window seat. If the weather is often cold but your cat still enjoys staring out the window, then perhaps the heated option is the best fit for your home. This way your cat will stay warm while enjoying his favorite activities of nature watching and sleep.

Of course CozyWinters offers your standard cat beds as well in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You know your cat best and what they will be most happy with for their bedding selection. At CozyWinters there is a cat bed for every kitty and every budget.