Dog Swimming Pools

Dog Swimming Pools

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    Durable, Chew Resistant Pet Pools

    Many dogs love the water and jump into the family pool but pet owners dread their dog's hair in the filters. Dogs nails can scratch and crack Kiddie pools, and flimsy Kiddies pools need to be replaced often.

    Our durable dog bone pool and paw pools are made out of the same material that truck bed liners are made of. No more worrying about your dogs nails. This bone shaped dog pool is also chew resistant and UV-resistant. The large "Bone-Shaped" pool has a convenient plug that can be attached to a standard garden hose, to easily drain the water, which makes it very easy to clean the pool. And, because the dog bone shaped pool is white, it stays cooler than dark pools which absorb heat.

    Now, your pet can have this very stylish dog pool for sale!

    Features & Benefits of the Dog Pools:
    • Made of heavy duty HMWPE, the material that truck bed liners are made of
    • Chew resistant and UV-resistant
    • Durable
    • Adorable Design: "Paw-Shaped" smaller pool and "Bone-Shaped" larger pool
    • Made in the USA
    Specs for the Dog Pools:
    • The Patented "Paw-Shaped Pool": 6" x 38" x 39", 20 Gallons, 6 lbs Empty
    • The Patented "Bone-Shaped Pool": 11" x 44" x 66", 85 Gallons, 20.5 lbs Empty
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