Dog Cooling Jacket

Dog Cooling Jacket

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Evaporative Cooling Safety Vest for Dogs

As Featured on the CBS Early Show

Our K9 evaporative cooling vest for dogs can help your pup stay cool on hot days. Water-absorbing, cross-linked polymer crystals are sewn into the lining of this pet cooling vest. Once saturated with water, the jacket works by evaporation. The evaporative process allows heat to transfer from the dog to the jacket, and from the jacket to the air – similar to our bodies own manner of cooling through perspiration.

This evaporative cooling vest for dogs absorbs water quickly, but releases it slowly. By submerging the jacket in water for just a few minutes, the crystals absorb enough to keep the evaporative process going for up to several days. Even when fully soaked, the jacket holds the water, keeping your dog cool and dry. The dog cooling vest can be charged over and over. When winter comes, a dry jacket becomes an insulating jacket, helping to cut the cold.

Additional Features:
  • Dog stays cool and dry
  • Relieves body heat through the evaporative process
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Use time and time again
  • Reflective for high visibility at night


Evaporative Cooling Explained

Resulting water vapor (energy/heat dissipation) Surrounding heat, heat exchange between dog and jacket. Using water absorbing, polymer crystals, sewn into supplex fabric, the evaporative process allows heat to physically transfer from the dog to the jacket, similar to our bodies own manner of cooling through perspiration. Keeping your dog cool and protected from heat exhaustion.


Measure the circumference of your dogs chest at it's widest point, generally a few inches behind the dogs shoulders.

Available sizes:
  • Small: 5 - 30 lbs, fits 15" - 22" Chest Size
  • Medium, 30-60 lbs., fits chest size 22" - 31"
  • Large, 60-100+ lbs., fits chest size 29" - 39"


Submerge the jacket by placing it in a basin of water, or by adding water directly to the bag containing the jacket. Soak for 30 minutes or until fully saturated. Cool K9 vest can be used all day before re-soaking. For maximum coolness, re-soak every few hours.

Wash by hand, no harsh abrasives. Hang to dry when not in use. Do not freeze!

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