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    1. Dog House Heater & Air Conditioner Combo Unit

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Dog House Heater & Air Conditioner Combo Unit

Dog House Heater & Air Conditioner Combo Unit
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    Also see our Dog House Air Conditioner without Heating.

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    As Featured on ABC Good Morning America
    Recommended on Good Morning America by veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker to help prevent heat stress.
    As Featured in McClure's Magazine
    Keeping Fido Cool - Article on the importance of keeping pets cool in the summer. July, 2013

    With a heated dog house in the winter and an air conditioned dog house in the summer, you can relax knowing this dog house air conditioner and heater unit will protect your pet from extreme weather conditions year round.

    Our dog house air conditioner unit can adjust between heating and air conditioning mode to provide a constant range of temperatures in winter and summer. It also provides additional functionality as a dehumidifier.

    The ability of the Climate Control Unit to lower humidity levels which means that you will never have mold and mildew growth in your enclosure. The pollen filters in the unit's kit provide active control of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander or hair when used with dog houses. These filters are washable and change out in a matter of seconds.

    Safe and environmentally friendly with no carbon monoxide or fluorocarbon emissions. The AC for your dog house is designed to improve ambient air temperature conditions. This heater AC combo, has low power consumption right off your 110v wall socket, generator or Shore Power.

    *Dog House not included.

    • Easy to use, just plug into any standard wall outlet
    • Incredibly energy efficient and affordable to operate
    • Ideal for Small Spaces: 27-400 Cubic Feet
    • Heats OR Cools
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Safe, Eco-friendly
    • Advanced Programming
    • Electronic thermostat includes Heat, Cool, Fan, Dehumidifying, Auto and Sleep Modes
    • Auto-On and Auto-Off timer, 3 fan speeds and comes with a infrared remote control
    • Energy Efficient - Low
    • Dehumidifies
    • Indoor & Outdoor Usage: Pet houses, ATMs, Kiosks, Micro sized enclosures
    • Easy installation, takes approximately 15-30 minutes
    • Now with automated AUTO mode. Switches from cool to heat automatically as necessary
    • Now stronger construction (compressor anchor and thicker walls)
    • Now portable for other applications like tents, RVs and small work sheds
    • Warranty 1 Year Limited for all failures provided normal usage and handling
    • Installation Instructions (pdf): CR2500ACH
    • Owner Manual (pdf): CR2500ACH
    Product Information:
    • Unit Weight (lbs.): 46
    • Cooling BTU: 2500
    • Heating BTU: 2700
    • Room Coverage*: Up to 400 cu. ft
    • CFM: 120 CFM
    • Volts: 115V @ 60hz
    • Cooling Watts: 480W
    • Cooling Amps (Startup): 6.9A
    • Cooling Amps (Operating): 4.3A
    • Heating Watts: 800W
    • Heating Amps (Startup): 6.9A
    • Heating Amps (Operating): 6.9A
    • Cooling Capacity (Room Enclosure Size) *: Up to 400 Cu. Ft.
    • Dehumidifying (l/hr): 0.3
    • Thermostat: 61F to 88F (16C-31C) Electronic
    • Control Panel Features: Digital Temperature Display, IR Remote Control Sensor
    • Remote Control Features: Temperature, Fan & Mode Control, Auto On/Off Timer, Sleep Function
    • Case Dimension (Boxed): 16.9L x 23.8W x 15.8H
    • Unit Dimensions: 14.1"L x 17.1"W x 14.5"H
    • Unit Weight (lbs): 46
    • Shipping Weight (lbs.): 51
    • Assembly Kit (Required): Quick Connect Hose and Flange Kit Included (For Most Walls)
    • Refrigerant: R134a
    • Air Filter: Removable Nylon Mesh Air Filter
    • Noise: <54 db
    • Recommended Generator: 2000W
    • Warrantied Outside Temperature Range: Less Than 110F
    * Depends and varies widely based on r-factor (insulation), ambient temperature, humidity, etc
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