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Pet Bowls & Waterers

Every living being deserves fresh water when they are thirsty, which is why CozyWinters offers a complete line of heated pet water bowls and other pet waterers to keep every animal happy and well hydrated. Check out our Dog Bone Pool here for a unique way to keep your pet cool!

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With pet bowls and pet waterers ranging from big dogs all the way down to small rodents, and everything in between, there really is something for every pet at CozyWinters.

For the pets who live in the extreme cold, check out our heated dog watering dishes. These bowls make sure that the water never freezes and your pets have a cool, refreshing drink all day long. Heat activated and climate controlled by an electric coil found inside the bowl, you will never have to worry about chipping away at ice again. For the cat who experiences the same ice challenges, take a peek at the kitty version of the heated bowls that include a separate bowl for wet cat food. Your cat will never feel so loved than having cool water and warm food for those extra-cold evenings. All temperature is controlled to ensure that no heat-related or fire accidents occur.

If you are concerned about the smallest of creatures staying warm, have no fear. Our heated water bottle for small animals provides the perfect pet waterers for your caged bunnies and small rodents. Careful not to exclude our fine feathered friends we also offer a heated birdbath, complete with a deicer so the winter birds can still have fresh water and maintain their cleanliness all winter long.

Lastly, CozyWinters carries pet bowls that offer fresh, filtered water throughout the day. Perfect for dogs and cats, these pet waterers automatically refill until the reservoir runs out and are also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and to prevent moldy buildup from occurring.

Regardless of the type of animal you call family, CozyWinters offers a pet bowl solution for every household, regardless of type and budget. Keep your pet hydrated and happy all winter long.