PoolPup Pool Steps for Dogs

PoolPup Pool Steps for Dogs

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Prevent Canine Drowning

PoolPup plastic pool steps were designed and developed by a pair of dog breeders for the sole purpose of preventing canine drowning accidents, giving pet owners peace of mind when their dogs are near pools and spas. Shop our Dog Swimming Pools for another great way to keep your pet cool!

Additional Features:
  • The pool steps for dogs provide a secure, long-lasting escape for dogs
  • The PoolPup is made from strong UV stable, chlorine-resistant ABS plastic
  • Steps have slip-proof grit strips to ensure solid footing for your dog
  • PoolPup Steps are a convenient way for your swimming dog to get out of the water and an excellent safety device while you're away from the pool
  • Once the pool steps for dogs is installed, it is very easy to remove and replace, just take out the 2 pins and lift the PoolPup off the deck for pool cleaning or winter storage
  • Besides the all-important safety factor, PoolPup steps are attractive, affordable, lightweight and easily removed for cleaning
PoolPup for Dogs
  • For dogs up to 140 pounds
  • 18" wide, 10 1/2" high steps
  • Depths:
    • First step: 14 1/2" deep
    • Second step: 8 1/2" deep
    • Top lip: 5"
    • Overall: 21" high, 28" deep
PoolPup Pool steps for dogs comes fully assembled and installs in just minutes:
  • Use a drill to bore two small holes in the pool deck. The drill bit is even included with the step.
  • Once installed, the dog is trained to know the step's location and then has the ability to save itself.
  • Training takes just a few minutes and instructions are included.

Note: PoolPup Steps are not designed for human use.

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