Hound Cooler - Cooling Pet Bed System

Hound Cooler - Cooling Pet Bed System

by Hound Heater    

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Uses a Dog's Best Method of Cooling Down, Its Belly!

Hound Cooler's innovative "active" dog cooling pad is designed to effectively keep your pet cool. The cooling pet pad uses a dog's best method of cooling down, its belly (panting is 2nd). Cool down your pet during long travel trips, hunting trips, after exercising or just hot days.

The newly designed Hound Cooler electric dog cooling pad features an easy to clean, chew-resistant cover and adapts to any cooler in minutes. The pet cooling bed operates on four (4) "D" batteries or by simply plugging the 12v USB adapter (sold separately) into your cigarette lighter.

Additional Features:
  • So simple, you just add ice to the cooling pads for dogs
  • Effectively cools a dog after hunting, exercise, walks or anytime
  • Keeps dogs cool during travel
  • Very portable, comes with a handy cooler with built-in battery pack
  • Adapts to any cooler in minutes
  • Powered by 4 "D" cell batteries (6-volt) for 75+ hours or the 12 volt Adapter (sold separately) simply plugs into your cigarette lighter
  • Very comfortable cushioned pad
  • Only "active" cooling system made pet bed
  • Chew resistant tubing cover for cooling pads for dogs
  • Easily cleaned - wipes up clean
  • Actual size is a full 11" x 22"
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

How the Hound Cooler Works
The Hound Cooler's patented system pumps cold water from the specially designed cooler, through a series of carefully placed tubing in the pad. The constant, cold water flow, provides many hours of cool comfort for your pet.

Dogs cool from the bottom up (that is, from their belly to the top of their back and head), so a product like the portable Hound Cooler cooling bed is much more effective at regulating your pet's body temperature than an ordinary fan or shade.

This product is NOT recommend for destructive dogs. Chew resistant is not chew proof.


Hound Cooler Operating Instructions:

  1. In the cooler, is a pump. Simply add ice and water to the cooler to completely submerge the pump.
  2. Plug the cooler's connector wire in the 4 "D" Cell Battery Pack or 12 volt Adapter (sold separately).
  3. Within two minutes or less, you will see the chilled water flowing into the cooling pad. Please remember to place the cooling pad with the Hound Cooler Logo up. This is the side your pet should lay on for maximum cooling.

Note: The cooling pad should always be placed lower or at the same level as your cooler. This will improve performance and pump life.

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