Thermo-Pet Mat Heated Dog Bed

Thermo-Pet Mat Heated Dog Bed

by K&H Pet Products    

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Affordable, portable pet comfort for any small dog or cat

Key Features:
  • Recommended for year-round indoor use
  • Mat Size: 14" x 28"
  • Warms up only when pet is on the mat
  • Internal dual thermostats keep the temperature at a comfortable 102° when in use. When not in use the surface of the bed will remain 12° to 15° above ambient air (room) temperature. Temperatures much warmer than 102° are unsafe for pet.
  • Removable heater for washing
  • Plugs into a household electrical outlet
  • Cord Length: 5' 6"
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • MET Listed to assure safe operation for you and your pet
  • Limited one-year warranty

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