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Elite Hybrid Cooling Sport Vest

Elite Hybrid Cooling Sport Vest
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    TechNiche International partners with the Saxo Bank Sungard professional Cycling Team to provide personal cool products to team members. Team members include multiple Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.

    NEW - TechKewl Hybrid Elite Vest

    • Front zipper with mesh ventilation panels and scoop neck
    • Comfortable, quilted nylon active cooling vest with HyperKewlTM fabric inner, water-repellant nylon liner, and black cotton-poly elastic trim
    • Hybrid cooling solution for ultimate relief: Evaporative Cooling HyperKewlTM fabric provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief per soaking; Phase Change Cooling Inserts maintain a comfortable 58 degrees F (14 degrees C) for up to 3 hours
    • Include one (1) set of Cool PaxTM Phase Change Cooling Military Vest Inserts (7065 w/velcro)
    • Royal Blue, Black, and Silver
    • XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, XXXLarge
    • Weight: Less than 5 pounds

    Hybrid Cooling Systems: This unique products combine our HyperKewl™ cooling technology with our TechKewl™ cooling technology to create a more versatile cooling product with an extended life. Used by some of the world's premier athletes, these hybrid systems are quickly becoming the personal cooling mechanism of choice.

    Evaporative Cooling (HyperKewl™) Phase Change Cooling (TechKewl™)
    This simple and effective technology works by combining water with our HyperKewl™ Fabric to create garments that gradually release water through evaporation to keep you cool, but comfortable.

    This advanced technology uses specially designed inserts containing our Phase Change Material (PCM) which releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees F, 14 degrees C), cooling relief designed to fit inside our garments.

    Washing Instrutions
    In order to maintain the longest life of the product and HyperKewl fabric it is best to wash the garments with a gentle soap and brush.

    The inserts can be wiped off with a cloth. They are made of polyurethane and are very durable. Do not use sharp objects as the inserts could be punctured. Remove the inserts before washing.

    Weight Of the Garment
    You control the weight of your garment by how long you hydrate it.

    The Phase Change Material (PCM) is 25% lighter than water.

    TechKewl Hybrid Elite Vest Size Chart* (Inches)
    Size Chest Front Length (back is 1" longer)
    XSmall 30" - 31" 21"
    Small 32" - 33" 22"
    Medium 34" - 35" 23"
    Large 36" - 37" 24"
    XLarge 38" - 40" 25"
    XXLarge 41" - 43" 26"
    XXXLarge 44" - 46" 27"
    * This size guide is for suggestion only.
    Recommended Accessories
    Elite Hybrid Cooling Sport Vest Inserts
    Sale Price: $135.99
    Replacement and additional cooling packs for the Elite Hybrid Cooling Sport Vest.
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