Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves

Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves

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We Have Created the Perfect All Purpose Heated Gloves

These are the perfect everyday gloves for outdoor events like spectating, golfing, hiking, walking the dog, and many other cold weather activities! These thin, light-weight gloves are very comfortable and durable. Constructed with a soft leather palm and gauntlet, synthetic suede along the thumb, and a stretch nylon shell which provides a form fit without the bulk of traditional heated gloves. Designed to keep your hands warm and dry, with a Hipora waterproof, breathable, soft wind blocking membrane, that provides comfort and protection.

Outfitted with only the most advanced heating technology and features, its concealed Lithium-Ion battery cell will keep your hands and fingers warm up to 8 hours. The easily accessible temperature control is on the top of the wrist of the glove. The one-button control can be used to select one of 4 different heat settings.

Overnight you can re-charge the power packs with the charger (included with your gloves). The heating units are water resistant and can absorb shocks without breaking.

Battery Heated All Purpose Thin Gloves with One-Button Controls Features:
  • 4 Heat Settings for individual temperature regulation
  • Controller LED lights indicate power is on or off and the heat setting
  • Comfortable warmth for up to 8 hours on a single charge
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • Shock proof
  • Heats the entire length of each finger and thumb, and each side of the hand
  • Windproof, waterproof Winter Gloves
  • Synthetic suede thumb area
  • Soft leather palm and zippered wrist cuff
  • Xtreme Comfort Technology
Your Order Includes:
  • 1 Pair of Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium Power Packs (7.4 volt / 2200 mAh)
  • 1 Global Recharger that can be used in US at 110v and Europe at 230v. (charges both power packs at the same time)


Battery Heated All Purpose Gloves Specifications:
  • Materials: Waterproof and wind proof Hipora membrane
  • Color: Black
  • Power Packs: 2 Lithium-ion batteries, rated at 300+ charges. 7.4 volt / 2200 mAh
  • Global Recharger can be used in US at 110v and Europe at 230v

Expectations: These gloves are NOT meant for skiing, high speed sports, or sub-zero temperatures. They were designed out of demand from our customers for a certain level of dexterity. In order to achieve a thinner glove we had to use thinner materials and remove some of the insulation fill, like that found in our Heated Ski Gloves. If you need gloves for high wind chill and/or sub-zero temperatures, or your hands have a very high sensitivity to the cold, we suggest that you purchase our Battery Heated Ski Gloves.

Fabric & Materials are warranted from factory defect for 1 Year
The electrical components of this product, the battery(ies) and charger are warranted from factory defect for 3 months from the date of the initial purchase.

Rechargeable Battery System Care to Extend the Life of Lithium-Ion Batteries:

WARNING: Do not use battery if you notice a change of shape (lumps), over-heat when charging or if rust or corrosion on the battery connectors is found.

  • Fully charge Lithium-Ion batteries before beginning to use the battery. Failure to charge battery prior to use will reduce battery life.
  • Keep Lithium-Ion batteries fully charged when not in use.
  • CHARGE BATTERY REGULARLY. Charge between each use and a minimum of once every few months. It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use. Failure to do this will result in performance problems and reduced battery life. Never leave Lithium-Ion batteries discharged for long. The batteries do self-discharge and the charge could drop low enough to damage the battery.
  • Avoid regularly running Lithium-Ion batteries completely dead.
  • The battery life is 300+ cycles before the battery will diminish in capacity output.
  • Lithium batteries provide a diminished capacity output at extreme cold temperatures - keep batteries inside the garment to minimize the impact and improve the performance.
  • Store Lithium-Ion batteries in a cool, dry place if you will not be using the battery for several weeks.
  • Keep Lithium-Ion batteries out of extreme temperatures. High temperatures may cause premature battery failure while lower temperatures can prevent batteries from fully charging.


Glove Unisex Sizing Chart**
  XSmall Small Medium Large XLarge XXLarge

* This size chart is for suggestion only.

How to measure your hand
Take a tape measure and wrap it around your hand over the knuckles and make a fist. DO NOT include the thumb. Always go up a size if you fall between sizes, or have longer fingers.

Spare 7v 3350mAh Battery VB730Y for Volt Heated Clothing
Price: $49.95
Need a spare battery? We have replacement and extra batteries that will extend total warming time.
Charger for Volt 7v Battery Heated Clothing
Price: $19.95
Need a spare charger? We have replacement and extra chargers.
Volt 7v Dual Car Charger
Price: $19.95
Need a car charger for your 7v Volt Gloves? We have them.

Customer Reviews

My husband loves them!...
My husband loves them!
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Marjean H — KS, US

These gloves work great!...
These gloves work great! Although one of the batteries would not fully charge. The company immediately sent out a new battery though, once I called. Thank you for the great customer service!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Maureen — PA, US

I purchased it as a gift for Christmas and I'm sure he will like them! Thanks for amazing customer service and fast shipping!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Kerbi Towry — TN, US

Fast delivery very pro
3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Jared Flagg — NY, US

These gloves heat up nicely. My only con is the fingers are too long for my hand even in extra small. The staff at Cozy Winters was very helpful when I returned the first pair for a smaller size.
3 of 4 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Belinda Maszczynski — Fredericktown, Ohio

1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved chris evanich — WI, US

Very comfortable and look great
I gifted these to my father in law. He loved them. He has yet to try them though. The gloves were a wonderful surprise in person. I liked how they looked on the internet but they are much much much better in person
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved KURT RHODES — MI, US

My wife who has Raynaud's loves them. Thanks Cozy Winters!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Jeff Detweiler — TX,

Great Value
The battery heated glove has been a great purchase for me. I suffer from Raynard's Disease so it does not take much for my hands to go numb around cold. I live on the east coast and mainly use my gloves for jogging during the cold months. I have just purchased my third pair of Cozy Winters' heated glove. My first two pairs each lasted five years before I had to replace them. So not only do the heated gloves do an excellent job of keeping my fingers and hands from getting numb, they are also a great value. The gloves are very wonderful and I will continue to order them. In addition, Cozy Winters has a great staff that is patient and very helpful and knowledgeable about its products.
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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al. sullivan — VA

Wonderful gloves
I bought these gloves last year(2014) and barely got to use them 1 week ago. I suffer with Raynaud's and they worked wonderfully. I strongly recommend these gloves. The only thing that I would complain about is that I have to take my glove off in order to use my cell phone. Other than that, their awesome.
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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Amazing and Life Changing
Title sound too good? Well, when you have Raynaud's and the slightest dip in temperature makes your fingers turn white and go numb, having an awesome pair of heated gloves cannot be overstated. I have had these for almost a year now and they perform amazingly. The construction is fabulous and they retain their charge well. I love the flexibility of the three different settings, even though I primarily have used the Hi setting. I understand that for the mechanics the wires can only go down the backs of the hands but for someone like me, it sure would be nice if it also went down the palms. Regardless, I do not know where I would be in our Midwest weather without these gloves. Thank you for an amazing product!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
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Stacy — MI

Chicago Tested
This item is perfect for extreme cold temps like here in Chicago, as a mail carrier they work to perfection and kept my hands from going numb. I highly recommend them.
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Cornell — Chicago, IL

Worth EVERY penny!!!
I ordered these gloves and have had them for about 2 weeks now. I suffer from Raynaud's, a circulation disorder, and could never be outside long or walk our dogs in the slightest cold or winter because my fingers would turn white and go numb in about 2 minutes. These gloves are just FANTASTIC!! I read in the description how the wiring goes around each finger and not just the palms..that's what sold me because I have tried other battery operated gloves and they never worked. Plus they aren't NEAR as bulky and cumbersome as most gloves like this. They are SO easy to use and I love the 3 heat settings and it's a good WARM heat!! The quality of construction is top notch. I am now able to walk our dogs in cold, cold weather and return home with warm toasty hands!!! I can't tell you how HAPPY I was to have come across these.....this was money WELL spent !!!! You sure won't be sorry getting these gloves!!! Kudos to whoever designed them!!!
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Diane Ford — St. Charles, MO