Warmgear Next Gen Power Bank Heated Hoodie

Warmgear Next Gen Power Bank Heated Hoodie

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What is a Power Bank?

** If using your own Power Bank, it must be 2.1Amp with at least 5,000mAh capacity.
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Super soft, thick fleece. 3 temperature settings. Powered by USB Powerbank.

All of our innovations, technology, and feedback have led us to our best product ever, a versatile heated hooded sweatshirt. Our WarmGear electric heated hoodie is entirely lined with a soothing plush fleece, including the sleeves and hood, plus the outer layer is a thick polyester spandex blend. This heated jacket has warming panels on the back, and a panel on each side of the chest, so your core will remain warm. Each heating panel has a thin, breathable mesh to maximize efficient heat transfer.

Our WarmGear electric heated hoodie can be powered by a wide variety of standard 2.0 USB Power Banks, instead of a battery. By having a USB power bank power your hoodie, you are not limited to just one battery, per product - rather this allows you to also charge your phone, tablet or most other low capacity electronics.

This heated hooded sweatshirt will quickly become your favorite jacket.


Plush Fleece-Lining
Our plush-fleece lining, including the sleeves and pockets, adds an extra layer of insulation and provides natural heat, keeping you even warmer.

Tri-zone heating
Our Micro-carbon fiber heating panels are positioned to keep you the warmest - 1 large centered on back and 1 panel on each side of your chest.

5V USB Heat
Our Next Gen USB Heat provides hours of comfort and heat, while allowing you to use any 2.0 power bank.

USB Power Bank (Optional. Sold separately.)
Our Optional 10,050 mAh, 2.4A USB Power Bank provides a universal way to power the hoodie, and also your personal devices, such as phones, tablets, GPS, etc.

Specifications Including Optional Power Bank
  • Color: Grey
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Power System: USB Power Bank
  • Heating Elements: 1 on Back, 1 on each side of the Chest
  • Heat Settings: Low, Medium, High
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Exterior: Fabric Poly-Cotton Blend
  • Lining: Brushed Fleece
  • Style: Hoodie
  • Input: 2.1A (minimum)
  • Required Capacity: Minimum 5,000 mAh
Heat Duration of with Optional Power Bank (Setting - Heat Duration***):
  • Low / Blue - 12 Hours
  • Medium / White - 7.5 Hours
  • High / Red - 3.5 Hours
    ***Based on a USB 2.1A, 10,050 mAh power bank
Your Order Includes:
  • 1 Heated Fleece Hoodie
  • Does not include USB Power Bank, unless you select that option in the checkout. We offer this option, since many people already have a Power Bank and want to use their own.
    ** If using your own Power Bank, it must be 2.1Amp (minimum) with at least 5,000mAh capacity.
Your Order With Optional Power Bank Includes:
  • 1 Heated Fleece Hoodie
  • USB Power Bank (10,050 mAh, 2.4A)
  • 1 USB Charger Connection Cord
  • Instructional Manual

Fabric & Materials are warranted from factory defect for 1 Year
The electrical components of this product and the optional battery is warranted from factory defect for 6 months from the date of the initial purchase.

Rechargeable Battery System Care to Extend the Life of Lithium-Polymer Batteries:

WARNING: Do not use battery if you notice a change of shape (lumps), over-heat when charging or if rust or corrosion on the battery connectors is found.

  • Fully charge Lithium-Polymer batteries before beginning to use the battery. Failure to charge battery prior to use will reduce battery life.
  • Keep Lithium-Polymer batteries fully charged when not in use.
  • CHARGE BATTERY REGULARLY. Charge between each use and a minimum of once every few months. It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use. Failure to do this will result in performance problems and reduced battery life. Never leave Lithium-Polymer batteries discharged for long. The batteries do self-discharge and the charge could drop low enough to damage the battery.
  • Avoid regularly running Lithium-Polymer batteries completely dead.
  • The battery life is 300+ cycles before the battery will diminish in capacity output.
  • Lithium batteries provide a diminished capacity output at extreme cold temperatures - keep batteries inside the garment to minimize the impact and improve the performance.
  • Store Lithium-Polymer batteries in a cool, dry place if you will not be using the battery for several weeks.
  • Keep Lithium-Polymer batteries out of extreme temperatures. High temperatures may cause premature battery failure while lower temperatures can prevent batteries from fully charging.


Warmgear Next Gen Usb Power Bank Heated Hoodie Sizing Chart (in inches) †
Size Chest †† Bottom Length Sleeve Length †††
Small 46" 37" 27-1/2" 35"
Medium 50" 41" 28" 36"
Large 54" 45" 28-1/2" 36-3/4"
XLarge 58" 49" 29" 37-1/2"
XXLarge 62" 53" 29-1/2" 38-1/4"
This size guide is for suggestion only.
†† For your chest size, measure around the fullest area of the chest, holding the measuring tape level and firm.
††† To measure sleeve length: with elbow bent, measure from the center of the back of neck, then over top of the shoulder, then over the elbow and down to the wrist.


Washing instructions:
  • Remove battery and wires prior to washing
  • Machine wash in cold water only
  • Do not bleach or iron
  • Tumble dry only
Next Gen USB 2.0 Power Bank
Sale Price From: $49.95
Need a spare battery? We have replacement and extra batteries that will extend total warming time.

Customer Reviews

My wife grins all day...
My wife grins all day long wearing her cozy heated hoodie here in Northern Minnesota. It has saved my marriage. Now I need to get one for myself and smile.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Richard F — MN, US

It's Perfect! Warm...
It's Perfect! Warm, sturdy construction and the fabric feels really nice.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Judy C — VA, US

Fantastic service
I haven't actually used the product because it's a Christmas gift for my boyfriend but I'm already impressed! I ordered it on the evening of 12/12 and received it early 12/14! I was not expecting that! The website was user friendly, I got free shipping and I received it LIGHTNING fast so close to Christmas. Awesome job!
3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Jessica Johnson —

my wife loves it thank you
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved william borchert — WI, US

It was a hit!
This was a gift for my son and he absolutely loves it!
1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Sue — WA, US

my wife loved It so warm
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved clifford sederland — PA, US

Great Product
Great Product, good weight, heating options and I especially like the lined sleeves. This is not my first purchase of heated apparel and it won't be my last.
3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Lee Shurtleff — MA, US

I am amazed in the amount of heat that this hoodie produces. The first day that I wore it I had lunch outside on a patio (feb 13th in Denver, very windy day about 40 outside) and stayed very warm. Only upgrade I would like to see is to have the heating elements removable. I'm a guy and all cloths get tossed in the washer together.
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Justin Erdmann — CO, USA

Best Heated Hoodie
I work in construction and have had a few other heated hoodies. I saw this one and thought it was pretty cool that I could use my Power Bank to power the hoodie. I was really surprised at the quality of the material. It's got to be one of the nicest hoodies that I've ever had, with or without the heat. The material used is so thick and soft. I wasn't expecting that. Plus, it's pretty warm even when I don't have the heat turned on. Compared to the others that I've owned I'll have to say this one feels warmer when the power is turned up. It has made my days a lot more pleasant when I'm outside working. Thanks for offering such a nice product. I have been a customer for years and really like your products. I noticed you have heated work gloves... those are next on my list!
8 of 8 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Steve H. — Denver, CO

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