Cool Pad

Cool Pad
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    As Featured on the The Doctors

    Cool Down, Cool Off with Cool Pad

    The Shield Life Cool Pad is a versatile cooling pad that creates a comfortable, calming and cooling oasis right in your home. The Cool Pad uses a unique heat transfer method to draw heat from your body, giving you that “open door cool” feeling Cool Pad refrigerator cool without the environmental impact of using electricity, refrigeration or batteries.

    The Cool Pad’s cooling crystals absorb heat through conduction and convection maximizing the heat exchanged between the Cool Pad and your body. The cooling crystals absorb heat when in use and release it when it is stored at room temperature, ready to once again provide their cooling effect. The Cool Pad’s top layer is an aerated nylon fabric that is durable, lightweight and breathable allowing maximum air flow. The cooling crystals rest on top of a thick layer of memory foam to ensure comfort wherever you take it with you.

    Cool Pad Features
    • Innovative cooling technology
    • Comfortable memory foam
    • Reduces surface temperature
    • Lightweight, versatile, and reusable
    • Three large cooling zones
    • Dimensions:
      46" x 21.5"
    • One Year Warranty

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