Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket with Surge Technology

Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket with Surge Technology

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All-Weather Portable Heated Blanket with Rechargeable Battery Pack gives up to 3+ Hours of Heat.

Take The Cozee battery-operated heated blanket with you wherever you go. The innovative battery pack lasts for more than 3 hours of continuous heat and features 2 USB ports making it easy to charge your mobile devices no matter where you are. The weather-resistant exterior of The Cozee heated blanket is designed to withstand the wind, snow, and even light rain! For ease of use, this cordless heating blanket has three convenient temperature settings: High, Medium, and Low. The true magic of The Cozee is the space-grade insulation that lines the entire blanket! This translates to battery efficiency and heat retention long after the battery dies or you turn it off! And for your convenience, all this amazing technology is completely machine washing safe. That's right! When your Cozee gets dirty, simply remove the battery pack and throw the blanket in the washing machine! We know you're going to love your Cozee!

  • Cordless heating blanket
  • Surge Technology battery pack to rapidly heat the blanket
  • Rechargeable battery with 2 USB ports to charge your devices
  • 3+ hours of continuous heat
  • Mylar insulated (same material as used on spacecraft)
  • Weatherproof exterior shell
  • Micro-plush interior
  • Includes carrying case, wall and car chargers and 36" battery pack extension cord

Additional Features:

The COZEE battery powered heating Blanket
  • Durable, water resistant exterior to shield against wind, rain and snow
  • Integrated, durable, flexible wiring system for full coverage and maximum comfort
  • Full sized blanket - 60 inches wide by 60 inches long
  • Convenient heated hand pockets for comfort and ease of use
  • Additional pocket for storage of battery
  • Automatically switches from High to Medium setting after 1 hour as a safety feature
The COZEE Surge Battery Pack
  • New battery pack technology which rapidly heats the blanket in just a few minutes.
  • Low, Medium and High Settings
  • Battery provides up to 3+ hours of continuous heat
  • 2 USB Ports for convenience - use the battery to charge your cell phones while staying warm
  • Charge the battery with a standard wall plug OR charge in your cars 12 volt input
  • Household charger will work Globally at 100-240v~50/60Hz @ 1.3A, US-Plug. Can be used outside North America with a plug adapter
  • Very safe - It’s equipped with safety shutoff mechanisms and delivers amazing warmth with only 12 Volts of electricity
Your Order Includes:
  • 1 Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket with Surge Technology
  • 1 COZEE Surge Battery Pack
  • 1 Household wall charger
  • 1 car adapter charger (12V)
  • 1 User Manual


Some Uses for the Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket with Surge Technology:
  • Camping
  • Football Games
  • Baseball Games
  • Youth Soccer
  • Boating
  • Little League
  • Hunting
  • Flying
  • Fishing
  • Automobiles
  • Wheelchairs



QuickGuide: Download the one page instructions (PDF)

Battery Life: Download the Battery Life Guide (PDF)

Manual: Download the product manual (PDF)

Spare Cozee Heated Blanket Battery and Charger
Sale Price: $119.99
Need a spare battery? We have replacement and extra batteries that will extend total warming time.

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