ToastiMat Heated Yoga Mat for the Whole-Body

ToastiMat Heated Yoga Mat for the Whole-Body

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ToastiMat heated yoga mat is perfect for the Whole-Body... exercising, relaxing, sleeping, camping, work, winter car repair, pets, and more!

Ultimate Heating Mat For Warmth & Comfort. The ToastiMat heated yoga mat delivers penetrating infrared heat to your deep tissues. This active heat comforts, restores, and relaxes to your core.

For The Whole-Body. When your whole-body is cold and stressed, a little heat pad isn't enough. You need the head-to-toe comfort of a whole-body mat for maximum warmth and relief.

Easy, Safe, Convenient. You're just moments away from soothing whole-body heat! Plug-in infrared yoga mat, turn on, and bring on the heat! Select from four heat levels and timer from 1 minute to 9 hours with automatic safety shutoff. Choose the side with canvas or grip bumps to match your activity. Compatible with yoga towels for extra grip and sweat absorption. The whole-body heating pad is comfortably padded, wipes clean, rolls up, and slips into the included carrying bag for storage and portability.

Many Versatile Uses Where You Need The Heat:

  • Stay toasty watching TV or playing video games from your couch, recliner, or floor.
  • Yoga & exercise! Tight, cold muscles are no longer an excuse. Warm-up faster and get going! Stretch deeper, prevent injuries, and recover stronger.
  • Freezing office or work stress? Drape a ToastiMat over your chair.
  • Sleep deeper with a ToastiMat in bed.
  • Cozy cold weather camping (at an electric campsite).
  • Melt away pain and stress.
  • Working on a car or snowmobile, would you prefer cold, hard concrete or a warm, padded mat?
  • And, pets love snuggling on ToastiMats, too!


  • 4 Temperature Levels
  • Timer: 1 minute to 9 hours
  • Automatic Safety Shutoff
  • 1 side with black grip bumps; 1 side with brown canvas
  • Padded
  • Carrying Bag Included
  • Sealed heating element
  • Power: 400 Watts
  • Plug: 110v (US/Canada)
  • Cord Length: 90 Inches (228 cm)
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 6 Months
  • Color: Black (grip side) & Brown (canvas side)
  • Flat Measurements: 68L x 24W x 0.25H in (173L x 61W x 0.6H cm)
  • Rolled Measurements: 24W x 7H in (61W x 18H cm)

Customer Reviews

Serves the intended purpose well
The heated yoga mat serves its purpose well. So far, I have used it both as yoga mat and also on my recliner.
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Ram Khare —

Game Changing Cozy
Transforms cold muscles into bliss. Great range heat. Lay on sofa then right on this to stay warm excellent for deep heat or just on low to keep chill away at night. One best purchase and nice quality!
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Will —

heated yoga mat
Super fast shipping. Excellent transaction experience. Great prices. Quality product. This heated yoga mat is amazing! Allowing me to continue to meditate outdoors early am hours at 8000ft elevation. Lately the temperature has been between 10°F and 30°F. with high humidity between the snowfalls every 4 or 5 days. Great so far, will update in a year in regards to functional longevity of the heated yoga mat. THANK YOU!
Was this helpful?
Sicasevilis —

Exactly what we NEED! Warmth from Head to Toe
This is the 3rd heated yoga mat I've purchased. One for myself and two others for fellow yogis! We live in cold climates and this keeps us all outdoors for many more weeks out of the year. FABULOUS product!
Was this helpful?
Naomi —

Awesome!! I use it for my PT and when using my at home traction device.
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Susanne —

Holiday game-changer!
We used ToastiMats on our guest’s chairs in order to host our Thanksgiving dinner outside this year. What a huge difference they made! Despite a rainy, blustery day in the 40s, all of our guests were perfectly warm - even my mother who is almost 70! Not only were they warm, but very comfortable to sit on throughout the day. We loved how easy they were to operate, too. Thank you ToastiMat for making our holiday possible!
5 customers found this helpful.
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Ryan Thomas —

VIOLA here it is!
I have been searching for this exact product. I've actually been trying to design one out of desperation! Then-VIOLA here it is! I do yoga in all weather conditions and struggle to keep warm in winter. I find if I put an older yoga mat under the Toasti Mat and my good mat on top, thereby sandwiching this one in between, I can really insulate and it makes going down to the mat such a pleasure! OM!
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Naomi Nelson —

ToastiMat Heated Yoga Mat
I only just received my heated mat, and I’ve only used it once, but it’s exactly what I was looking for! I put my no-slip mat over it and it keeps my hands and feet warm during yoga. It’s also great for meditation. Keeps me nice and cozy.
3 customers found this helpful.
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Deb —

Staying warm working on my car
Wife got this for me and I thought it was a joke. I want to work on my cars all winter but often stop because I don't particularly like laying on freezing cold concrete and handling metal tools. Man, this thing is not a joke. So long as I'm down on the garage floor, it is keeping me warm enough to work almost every day.
7 customers found this helpful.
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Matt —

great toastimat!
just what I need for many warm hours while doing feldenkrais! happy to have found it!
2 customers found this helpful.
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ec —

Great mat!
I bought this mat to bring a little warmth to my outside early morning Minnesota yoga routine. It is perfect.
2 customers found this helpful.
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Joanne l —

Best little body heater EVER
THIS IS A GREAT BODY HEATER! I use it when I travel so I don't freeze when I am away! I just got the mat last week and used it all weekend when I was out of town and it was fantastic! so nice not to freeze when sleeping away from home. the other nice thing is no pet hair sticks to it... so i can take it from place to place and i'm not transferring hair. I told friends over the weekend that I should have bought ten!
1 customers found this helpful.
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kat —

Heated yoga mat
I take care of elderly parents and one wanted some sort of heating pad for their side, while the other did not. This mat has solved the problem.
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Dave S —

I love this mat!
I use my mat for yoga, which is best done barefoot. My feet and hands can get so cold it's a distraction from practice. My Toastimat is comfy and warm! While neither surface is "sticky" enough for yoga, that's easily remedied with a thin yoga mat placed over the Toastimat.
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Laura J —

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