RugBuddy Under Rug Heater - Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat for Area Rugs

RugBuddy Under Rug Heater - Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat for Area Rugs

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Under Rug Heating Mat

Everyone knows that heat rises. Why not use this concept to your home's advantage? RugBuddy™ is a portable electric rug heater that makes your whole body feel heated, warm and toasty using energy efficient, safe and responsible technology.

The radiant heat from a RugBuddy begins with one step. Having warming pads beneath the rugs of your home removes any unpleasant chills that keep you from enjoying your day. RugBuddy's radiant heat may not turn you into a morning person, but it will make getting out of bed in the morning a much more pleasant experience. Say goodbye to searching for fuzzy socks and oversized slippers each morning when you say hello to RugBuddy!

RugBuddy is a floor heater that fits directly beneath the rugs in any room in your house. It functions as a heating unit for entry ways, bedrooms, offices, kitchens and even bathrooms. RugBuddy is perfect for chilly basement floors that seem to stay cold even with the thickest area rugs. RugBuddy is a safe choice on cement, stone and tile, but that's not all. It is also guaranteed to be a safe heating solution for use on carpet, laminate and even vinyl. Best of all, RugBuddy is completely waterproof. You can use this under rug heater in the bathroom without worry of electric shock. If your basement is at risk of flooding, you don't have to worry about RugBuddy causing any additional problems. Even steam cleaning rugs won't damage RugBuddy.

RugBuddy has multiple uses. Yoga studios love RugBuddy under rug heaters because they creates the warmth your body needs to adequately stretch and move. Place a RugBuddy beneath a yoga mat for truly unique workout experience. Pets love RugBuddy because it offers a safe and cozy spot for naps. Is your office cold and uncomfortable? RugBuddy can help there as well. Thanks to RugBuddy's durability, furniture and rolling office chairs will cause no harm to the unit.

The way it works is simple. Place a non-slip pad directly on the floor. Lay RugBuddy on top of the non-slip pad, and then tape down the corners to ensure the unit will stay in the spot you have chosen. Plug the eight foot power cord into the nearest outlet, and then cover with your choice of carpet. You will not need special tools or an expensive visit from an electrician. RugBuddy can stay in one place or can move with you. RugBuddy is as safe and as flexible as an electric blanket. In fact, it is so safe and easy to use that you may want one in every room of your house.

Space heaters are not meant to be used as primary heating units. The same can be said of RugBuddy. While you will love the warmth that radiates from the tips of your toes to the top of your nose, you should not plan to heat an entire room with one RugBuddy. However, smaller rooms may be nicely heated if much of the room is covered and the door remains closed. The largest RugBuddy is 63" x 93", which is about the size of a 5.5' x 8' area rug. Of course, smaller options are offered for use under any bath mat, welcome mat, kitchen carpet and more.

One of the best features of RugBuddy electric rug heater is its energy efficiency. The energy cost of operating a RugBuddy is less than what you spend lighting most rooms. To make the unit even more energy efficient, use a three-prong lamp timer to ensure the under rug heater is only active when you want it.

RugBuddy is the only CE marked under rug heater. CE marking shows that a product conforms to health, safety and environmental protection standards. This unit creates no toxic fumes, dust circulation, electromagnetic radiation or carbon monoxide. RugBuddy is covered by a five year, limited warranty. See also our TheraMat heating pad.


Specifications: (Applies to all sizes of RugBuddy):
  • Eight foot cord length is encapsulated in flame retardant ABS connector
  • RugBuddy uses a class A CGFI plug
  • Made with alloy foil and polypropylene
  • Five year limited warranty covers repairs and replacements due to manufacturer defects
  • RugBuddy may not be placed directly on any floor. A non-slip pad must be used beneath RugBuddy regardless of the underlying surface.
  • Available in multiple sizes

For California Residents Only: Prop 65 Warning

Non-Slip Thermal Insulation Pad for Rug Heat
Price From: $19.95
Our specially designed non-slip Thermal Insulation Pad for RugHeat prevents wrinkling, buckling, crawling, and moving of an area rug and the RugHeat on any type of flooring. Provides thermal insulation between a hard floor and the heating panel, improving RugHeat's performance and efficiency.
Outlet Temperature Controller with Thermostat Probe
Sale Price From: $49.95
With our Outlet Temperature Controller, you can automatically control the temperature of your rug heater.
Quickly pays for itself in energy savings!

Customer Reviews

It has warmed up our bathroom to a very comfortable level. We have high ceilings and the bathroom was so chilly. Now it is pleasantly warm.
Was this helpful?
Georgetta Painter —

Warm Floors
I really like my warm floors. Was easy to install.
Was this helpful?
Cindy Stuart —

Radiant Under Rug Heater
Amazing product!
Was this helpful?
John —

Big fan
Of under rug heat. It absolutely helps with heating our living room. Very courteous, knowledgeable staff, quick shipping.
Was this helpful?
Kathy Lormand —

Rug Heater Mat
Heats evenly, good quality.
Was this helpful?
ElandEl SB —

Warms my feet
I have had a RugBuddy for many years. It works great! Placed on wood floor that rest on a concrete slab. It warms the area under the rug wonderfully. Highly recommend it.
2 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Jeff —

The best under rug heating pad
I recently ordered two rug buddy's to put in my motor home. They are wonderful. I have researched different brands and rug buddy is definitely the best. It has cut down my electric bill by reducing the need for extra heaters. If you know anything about RVs, the floors get really cold in the winter. The rug buddy takes care of that issue. I first purchased a rug buddy in 2016 for our old motor home that we sold a few years ago. I wanted to take it with me but when the buyers of that RV tried it out, they decided to pay me for it. So of course when we got our new RV, we had to purchase a couple more. One for the living room and a 2 ft by 7 ft that goes through the kitchen area. Eventually I will put one in the bathroom as well. I definitely recommend the rug buddy.
1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Brian Christian —

We own 3 of the Rug Buddies!! They are absolutely wonderful.
Was this helpful?
G Alexander —

Early Days but happy
So far so good. The install was very easy and I'm waiting on a spate of cold weather to truly test out the heating pads effectiveness. But everything is working great and the warm carpet feels great.
Was this helpful?
Michael Glossop —

Both my cat and my feet love the warm floor. Easy to install.
2 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Marcia taylor —

Third Purchase wonderful products
Arrived promptly, easy to install over its pad, great job heating our Mud Room.
Was this helpful?
Chris Hansen —

worth replacing
I have three rug heaters which I have used for over 10 years. The smallest finally gave out so I replaced it and I once again enjoy warm feet in my bathroom.
1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
J Kelley —

8' X 10'2" area rug over engineered wood on a concrete floor
I purchased one 58' X 81" floor heater and two 34" X 58" floor heaters to maximize heating for the above size area rug. I was able to provide heating for all of the 8' X 10'2" area rug except approx. a corner area of 38" X 30" (now under rug and can't effectively measure). The corner area in question in where a recliner is located, but the foot area butting up against the recliner IS heated. I also have another recliner and a 7 piece sectional that is heated from butting up against the front of the sectional throughout the entire rug except the small corner section mentioned above. This living room is 13.5' X 13.5'. The floor is toaster to the feet and provides heat to the entire room. I'm very satisfied with my Rug Buddy!!!
4 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Wayne Cross —

Under rug heating mat
This is the second one I have ordered! I’ve had my first one for 3 years, and it’s still going strong! I love my warm rugs!!!!
2 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Rebecca Black —

Great Investment for Cold Playroom Floor
We got one of these for a playroom floor that is over a garage and always cold. At first, I was disappointed that it wasn't HOT. It's not a space heater. But it feels great on your feet -- or the rest of you, should you decide to give the kids airplane rides. I kind of want it for the rest of the house too. Only downer is the thick electric cable means you need it to be near a wall outlet, so you don't have to snake that across the floor.
3 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Lon Gordon —

Bathroom an RV Heating
We purchased this to heat the floor in our master bathroom because it is over the garage and quite cold in the winter. I should have thought ahead and installed under floor heating, but I didn't! This makes going into the master bathroom so nice. As an added bonus, we take this in our travel trailer for chilly mornings and have the luxury of heated floors there as well. No slippers required! I've recommended this product to so many other people. I'd give it more stars if I could. We have an outlet under the counter where we plug it in, and you cannot even tell there's an appliance plugged in.
1 customers found this helpful.
Was this helpful?
Caroline —

Excellent. Arrived on time and worked as promised
Arrived on time and worked as promised. Easy to use.
Was this helpful?
Alex L —

Review of: RugBuddy Under Rug Heater - Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat for Area Rugs
Great product that really works!
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Donald Leach — UT, US

Great way to warm recliner from underneath
Installed under a recliner chair in a cold room and warms it up nicely.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Richard Hines — ME, US

This took the dread out of walking on the bathroom floor
As advertised, this heater gently warms the rug and by extension takes the edge off the room temperature. I bought the 22x89" long runner size for my master bathroom (which was tiled long before radiant heat was an easy thing to install pre-construction). I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It was however, somewhat difficult to find a runner rug to fit over this size that 1) did not have a latex backing, 2) was not 10'+ long, and 3) was washable like a bath mat. I ended up having one made to order on If this runner was going in a long hallway (where you have extra length to work with, a compatible rug will be easier to find. But if like me, you are using this size in a bathroom and need the rug to be washable, look for a rug before you purchase this heating pad. Then sit back, and enjoy! I plan to leave it on from Nov to April in Chicago :)
Was this helpful?
Leslie H —

Review of: RugBuddy Under Rug Heater - Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating Mat for Area Rugs
Received very quickly. Still need to install at my cabin.
Was this helpful?
Verified by: Shopper Approved Curtis Glover — CA, US

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