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Heated Motorcycle Gear

Heated motorcycle gear might be exactly what you need this winter. When you are out having fun on your bike, the last thing you want to worry about is the cold. CozyWinters sells Gerbing, Warm & Safe, and WarmGear labels all designed to keep you toasty in even the coldest of temperatures.

All of our Heated Clothing forms a true interconnected system, so every item connects to the other. You can wear a jacket liner, gloves, pants liner and socks with only a single connection to your battery. Learn more...

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These line of products cover all of your bases. From insoles to socks, jackets, liners, pant liners, gloves, feet warmers, and more, you can be warm from head to toe. Our battery-packed clothing comes in an array of fashionable styles so you can look as good as you feel when you are riding down the road on your beloved bike. The batteries are discreet, so you do not look like you are hooked up to a giant battery, and the clothing is made with durable materials.

The clothes are meant to be interconnected, which means that you can hook up all of your heated motorcycle gear and regulate your temperature with one controller. And that’s another thing. With a controller, you can be in charge of regulating the temperature you want.

CozyWinters can help you make sure the cold weather does not slow you down. Take a look at our stylish options and go from there. If you only get a little cold, then you might only need a pair of warm insoles to keep your feet toasty. Or you can go the middle ground with the insoles and a heated vest. But for those who ride in the coldest of weathers or anybody who simply likes to be very warm, and then you can opt for head to toe coverage.

No matter how much warmth you are after, our heated motorcycle gear allows you to reach the temperature you want to achieve. Plus, it is safe. So do not worry about getting stuck in wet weather with a battery strapped to you. You are in good hands, so you will not be shocked. If you want to make sure, you stay warm on your bike this winter, then check out our heated motorcycle gear. CozyWinters covers all your bases, so you only need to worry about having fun.