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Clothing - Battery Heated

Our Battery Heated Clothing provides hours of warmth with the latest micro heating technology and high-tech rechargeable batteries. We have a wide range of warm clothing from heated jackets, vests, base layers, heated gloves, mittens and Foot Warmers that provide warmth lasting for hours.
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Battery Heated Clothing Can Benefit Everyone
Winter weather can turn in an instant. When freezing winds and snow blow in it can turn an ordinary day into a treacherous situation. Battery heated clothing can help you adjust your attire to accommodate any surprises that await you.

Athletic Gear
Anyone who lives an active lifestyle knows just how important it is to be prepared for any situation. Battery heated clothing help you do just this. Find everything from under clothing to jackets that can be warmed to a certain temperature. This makes them perfect for active people. When you are out on the slopes, or riding a bike, you need to stave off the colder temperatures created by the wind. When this occurs you can turn them on to create heat and keep you warm.

Everyday Use
Whether at home or out and about, battery heated clothing will help you stay warm. Slippers that heat up are perfect for wearing around the house. Feet are often the part of the body that gets cold quickly. These slippers are good for sitting at home and reading a book or just to wear when the temperatures dip really low. A warming jacket is a good device for a day of shopping. It's not uncommon to leave the house in a thick fleece later wishing you had brought a thinner jacket later wishing you had brought a . Find jackets in a range of styles that can be warmed when in the morning when it is cooler but are thin enough to be appropriate for warmer temperatures.

Motorcycles and Snowmobiles
Riding motorcycles and snowmobiles pose different challenges. These individuals face extreme wind and are exposed to inclement weather, such as snow and rain. Find clothing such as gloves and pants made from a thick leather. These articles are waterproof to keep the rider dry and designed to help them stay warm even when riding in high winds. These individuals can even find base clothing that includes warming shirts and pants to wear under their motorcycle gear so they stay comfortable.

Adjust Clothing To The Situation
This type of clothing is made for all situations. When choosing the proper warming attire the most important factor to consider is you activities for the day. For a low key day you will just need a couple items to make you more comfortable. If you plan on being out in the cold for some time, you will want to find a complete set of clothing at CozyWinters to keep you protected from the cold.