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Snow & Ice Traction Cleats

Looking for Ice Cleats for Employees? We have Government and Corporate volume pricing available.
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Snow and Ice Cleats stretch on under shoes or boots to improve traction and safety on ice and snow, which will help reduce the risk of fractured bones, pulled muscles, or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. All major brands by Yaktrax, Stabilicers, SureFoot, Get-A-Grip, Due North, Korkers, Grip-Ons, and WinterSmart.

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"Slip and Fall" Facts
Slip and Fall injuries are the 3rd largest cause of workplace injuries. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
According to the National Safety Council, slips and falls are the single largest cause of Emergency Room visits
The average slip and fall injury costs $28,000. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Slip and Fall Prevention:
Reduce workers' compensation costs
Increase productivity
Improve morale

For Government and Commercial volume pricing please call 800-340-1528 or Email Us.

Work Safely This Winter!

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