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Heated Towel Warmers

Enjoy Warm Towels All Year Long!

We feature two product lines of Towel Warmers; Warmrails Towel Warmers and AMBA Towel Warmers. Warmrails is designed to be able to run continually, 24 hours a day. Its Filatherm™ element is safe and reliable, typically using less power than a regular light bulb.

Italian-designed AMBA Towel Warmers are made of long lasting 100% stainless steel and are offered in different finishes. AMBA combines visual appeal with cutting-edge functionality to offer the consumer an aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and affordable way to dry towels and keep bathrooms warm and mildew free.

Towel Warmers are perfect not just for your bathroom but for your nursery, pool house, and mudroom.
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