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Portable & Compact Boot Dryers

Welcome to the largest selection of quality Boot Dryer, Ski Boot and Shoe Dryers from DryGuy, PEET, Chinook, Cyclone, Sidas, Snapdry, Heater Craft, Williams, DryX, and Innova. Over 60 models to choose from for drying one to 60 pair. If you don't see it listed here, that means it didn't pass the test!
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Keep the fun rolling with all winter long with Portable Boot Dryers and Portable Glove Dryers.

Cozy Winters offers a wide variety of boot and glove dryers to keep extremities warm and toasty during even the busiest outdoor winter times. With a large range of manufacturers, models and sizes, there is a portable unit to meet the needs of everyone who encounters the snow.

Drying gloves and boots goes way beyond offering a luxury amenity. During sporting activities like skiing or snowboarding, hands and feet sweat even in the cold. Without the ability to circulate air, boots and gloves gather moisture all day long. By the end of the day, or the ski session, boots and gloves are wet and cold. Once removed, boots and gloves remain unable to dry effectively on their own, because air still cannot freely travel through them.Putting on wet boots and gloves not only makes wearers cringe, but it also makes them susceptible to feeling cold faster.

Dry gear not only feels cozier and more desirable, but drier gear is also healthier. Improperly dried gear fosters bacterial growth and lingering foul odors. Boots and gloves only have one opening, so air cannot circulate through them to help them dry and to ward off bacteria.

Without the aid of a dryer, air enters the boot or glove then stagnates, leaving the gear a wet, smelly breeding ground for bacteria. Drying boots with a portable boot dryer stops bacteria and odor dead in their tracks.Portable Boot Dryers employ a variety of heating styles. Dry-X and Chinook circulate room temperature air through the boots and gloves, while others brands work with heated air to achieve faster results.

If there is a need for speed, the following dryers have a drying time of one hour or under:

Dry Guy WideBody, TurboBody, and Transporter

PEET Advantage

Hotronic SnapDry

ThermiCare Refresher

Cyclone 4 Pair Boot & Glove Dryer

Many outdoor enthusiasts travel to various locales to ski, snowboard, hike or run. For on-the-go gear drying, the following dryers offer superior portability:

Cyclone Glove Dryer

Chinook 1 Pair Boot & Glove Dryer

Heated Ski Boot Bag & Gear Dryer

High Country Portable Shoe & Boot Dryer

DryGuy TRAVEL DRY DX, Circulator, and Transporter

Sidas Drywarmer