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ColdAvenger Facemasks and Balaclava

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Revolutionary Technology Heats the Air You Inhale

ColdAvenger, the facemask and balaclava that warms the air you breathe using heat exchange technology... and it's more comfortable than conventional facemasks.

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How does it work?
The ColdAvenger facemask or balaclava contains a lightweight coated plastic thermal conversion module that captures heat as you exhale. As you inhale fresh air, the module gently warms the air, returning heat into your body. This advanced technology allows you to constantly breathe in fresh warm air while trapping moisture in the module to keep your mask dry and hydrate each inhaled breath.

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Product Comparison Chart
ColdAvenger SeriesFleece
Soft Shell
Polartec Expedition
Covers face, neck and earsXXX
Covers top of head  X
ColdAvenger« ventilator heat exchangerXXX
Wind & Water Resistant XX
200 Weight FleeceX  
SoftShell fleece made of tightly knit fleece with a laminate nylon shell that makes it wind and water resistant X 
Polartec« Wind Pro«, an extremely breathable fleece that is four times more wind resistant than classic fleece  X