Programmable Outlet Thermostat

Programmable Outlet Thermostat

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Indoor Smart Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat

Quickly pays for itself in energy savings!

Our easy to use Programmable Outlet Thermostat allows control of portable space heaters and window air conditioning units, and includes an exclusive speed dial. The button control panel allows easy programming, and re-programming to suit your lifestyle. The thermostat plugs into a standard grounded 120-volt, 15-amp household outlets with four (4) settings per day. There are weekday and weekend options too.

Additional Features:
  • Save electricity by running equipment only when necessary
  • Preprogrammed - 4 Periods per day
  • Armchair Programmable
  • Temporary temperature override
  • Manual Hold
  • Setting Range 45°F to 90°F (7°C to 32°C)
  • User Temperature Calibration
  • Adjustable temperature differential/Cycle Rate
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • ETL Approved
  • Separate Programs for Heating and Cooling
  • Designed for Portable Space Heaters and Window Air Conditioners - 120 Volt 15A units
  • Easy-to-use Speed dial
  • 5/2 Programming - weekdays and weekends can be programmed differently
  • Easy to reprogram
  • Clean, Attractive Design
  • Vertical Orientation
  • F/C Selectable
  • 12 hour clock only
  • Mode Slide Switch
  • Positive On/Off Switch
  • 120 VAC Outlet Powered
  • 2 - G13A Size 1.5V Alkaline Batteries included (for clock only)
  • Battery free memory storage
  • 5 Minute Compressor Delay
  • Time and temperature Alternate in display
  • On-Screen Low battery Indicator
  • Soft Touch Buttons


  • Electrical Ratings: Unit is directly powered by 120V outlet. Two (2) 1.5V G13 alkaline button cell batteries included are for maintaining the clock only.
  • Dimensions: 3" Width, 5.25" Height
Compatible With:
  • All mechanically controlled: 120Volt, 15 Amp, 60 HZ, Window air conditioning units and portable space heaters
  • It is also compatible with electronically controlled: 120Volt, 15 Amp, 60 Hz, window air conditioning units that have automatic restart of cooling after power resumption
Not Compatible With:
  • It cannot be used with electronically controlled space heaters, or window air conditioning units that do not have automatic restart of cooling after power resumption
  • In addition, it cannot be used with conventional 24 Volt heating/cooling systems, hydronic systems or heat pumps

Customer Reviews

8' X 10'2" area rug over engineered wood on a concrete floor
I purchased one 58' X 81" floor heater and two 34" X 58" floor heaters and one 5' X 7' plus two 3' X 5" non-slip insulating pads to maximize heating for the above size area rug. I was able to provide heating for all of the 8' X 10'2" area rug except approx. a corner area of 38" X 30" (now under rug and can't effectively measure). The corner area in question in where a recliner is located, but the foot area butting up against the recliner IS heated. I also have another recliner and a 7 piece sectional that is heated from butting up against the front of the sectional throughout the entire rug except the small corner section mentioned above. This living room is 13.5' X 13.5'. The floor is toasty to the feet and provides heat to the entire room. In addition, I purchased TWO programmable outlet thermostats from Cozywinters. I pluged the 58" X 81" heater into one of the thermostats and the other two 34' X 58" heaters plug into the other thermostat via SURGE PROTECTORS AND APPLIANCE CORDS WITH 14awg/3 RATINGS. I did this in order to have enough cord length to accomplish being able to reach my thermostat at arms length for controlling it. As a result, I didn't plug the programmable thermostats directly into the wall outlets. I'm very satisfied with my Rug Buddy total system from CozyWinters!!!
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Wayne Cross —

Terrific heating system
I bought this along with Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating for Under Area Rugs for my living room. This is my third set, and - along with the radiant floors in the remodeled potions of my house - are serving as my primary home heating system, with gas forced air as the backup. My first set has lasted over fifteen years, and I look forward to many more years of blessedly warm floors and no wasted heat.
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Marsha Brennan —

Review of: Programmable Outlet Thermostat
Product works well
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Hoyt Diehl — IL, US

Programmable Outlet Thermostat
it is a lot more involved than we are use to in a timer, still having some problems with the programing
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Thomas Morrison — OH, US

Review of: Programmable Outlet Thermostat
Great purchase.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Ryan Stanko — SK, CA

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