Warmrails Kensington Heated Towel Warmer

Warmrails Kensington Heated Towel Warmer

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The Kensington Towel Warmer provides enough space for the entire families towels.

Wall Mounted Hard Wired/Soft Wired Warmrails Towel Warmer Rack allows you to choose your preferred installation method.

Additional Features:
  • Wall mounted, Hard Wired/Soft Wired combination
  • Plug-in, minimal installation
  • Plugs into standard electrical outlet
  • Direct wired to standard electrical wall box
  • All hardware and instructions included
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • 24" w x 39 1/2" h x 5 3/4" d
  • 7' power cord, entry on right side
  • Filatherm dry element, 105 watt rating, 120v AC
  • UL and CUL Listed
  • Available in Chrome and Satin Nickel finish
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Frequently Asked Questions - About the Warmrails Heated Towel Warmers

Can I install a Warmrail in a shower enclosure or over a bath?
No. Your Warmrail should never be installed in a shower enclosure or over a bath. Warmrails are designed to withstand occasional drips from your arm when you reach for a towel. It cannot be immersed, drenched or soaked with water or any other liquid. Your Warmrail must also be plugged into a GFI outlet or hardwired by a certified electrician.

How long is the power cord on a Warmrail?
The cord on a freestanding and soft wired wall mounted Warmrail is 7 feet.

Can I install my wall mounted Warmrail with the power entry at the top?
No. The towel warmers are designed to be operated with the power unit at the bottom. Some models can be used with the cord to the left or right, but must never have the power supply at the top. (this could cause the switch housing to overheat or the cord to be damaged by the heat.)

Does the "ON/OFF" switch automatically turn the Warmrail off?
No. The towel warmers take time both to heat up and cool. If you are planning on being away from home for several days or have a guest bathroom that is not used often the towel warmer should be turned off. Otherwise, the Warmrails are meant to be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The towel warmer should not be left off until shortly before you bathe as that will not allow enough time for the Warmrail to reach operating temperature or to heat the towel thoroughly.

How long should it take my towel to dry?
Many variables affect the amount of time needed to dry. Longer times will be necessary if the towel you wish to dry is wet or just damp, if the ambient temperature in the room is cool or warm, how many layers of towels are on the rails. For the fastest drying of a towel, layer the single towel folded lengthwise over a rail. The heat will cause the water to evaporate more quickly. If, however, you want warm towels, they must be folded and layered for the most effective heating.

How much energy does a Warmrail use?
Warmrails towel warmers, on average, use about as much energy as a standard light bulb. They do not use oil to achieve heat; they use a high-efficiency Filatherm™ element. Most Warmrails draw less than one amp of power.

Should I continue to use my towel warmer during summer?
Yes! Most bathrooms are poorly ventilated and during moist summer months many people find that their towels dry too slowly. The traditional solution has been to change towels on a daily basis, creating unnecessary laundry loads, using additional energy and water. Using a Warmrail during the summer months will allow your towels to dry completely in humid weather.

I've seen other towel warmers on the market that are more powerful. Will they heat better than a Warmrail?
No. If the similar towel warmer is UL listed, they must follow the same temperature requirements for heating that we follow. Standard towel warmers traditionally use water or oil to heat their bars, which requires more power to reach the same temperature as ours. You may notice that some of our towel warmers have a higher wattage. This is because they are larger warmers, and require more power to heat to the same temperature as their smaller counterparts.

I have my towel draped over the towel warmer, but it's not very warm. Why?
Towels are made up of loose fibers, which when draped over the warmer allow the heat to pass through the towel quickly. This will ensure that your towel dries quickly, but will not warm it very effectively. To have the warmest possible towel, fold your towels into thirds, drape over the rail and cover with additional layers of towels to trap the heat inside. The bottom towel will be the warmest. It takes about 20-30 minutes for the Warmrails to warm up and about 2-3 hours for the heat to build up in the towels, but that varies by the number of layers and ambient temperature in the room. If you put a towel on the rail 15 minutes before you bathe, your towel will not be sufficiently heated.

Will my towels heat faster if I weave them through the rails?
No. Do not weave towels through the rails as the towel warmer heats through radiant heat through the towels. This is most effectively achieved by layering towels draped over the rails.

My Warmrail was heating fine and now it seems like it isn't heating as well as it did before. Why?
This is not possible. The towel warmer is either working or it's not, much like a light bulb. If your Warmrail feels warm, it's working; the exposed parts of the bars will feel more like room temperature, especially if the ambient temperature is cooler.

Can I mount my Warmrail to the back of a door, in a cabinet or in a spa room?
NO. Warmrails are designed for indoor household use only and cannot be mounted anywhere but on a wall. We do not recommend mounting the towel warmer where there is a lot of moisture or humidity. This can cause the warmer to malfunction and over heat. Towel warmers also should not be used with an extension cord. They MUST be plugged into a GFI outlet.

How do I clean my towel warmer?
Occasionally the warmer can be wiped down with a clean, damp cloth. The warmer must only be cleaned after it has been turned off and allowed to cool completely. Do not use any harsh or abrasive cleansers.

My towel warmer doesn't match my decor. Can I paint it?
No. Do not paint any of the towel warmer. This could affect the way the towel warmer heats or cause your towels to stain.

My towel warmer seems to be giving off a strange odor or is leaving marks on my towels. Why?
Warmrails do not reach a sufficient temperature to scorch or burn cotton. Typically, when there are marks or an odor it is due to residues from laundry detergent, perfumes or lotions that were not properly washed or rinsed out of the material. Make sure the towel is 100% cotton.

Can I use my Warmrail to dry clothing?
Yes. To dry clothing, drape a cotton towel over the rails then drape your clothes over the towel. Be sure that all garments you wish to dry this way are colorfast and free of detergents or residues that may cause discoloration.


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