Outdoor Heated Cat House

Outdoor Heated Cat House

by K&H Manufacturing       

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Portable Heated Outdoor Kitty House

This outdoor heated cat shelter was made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing that makes this waterproof. This house comes with a removable Soft Outdoor Heated Kitty Bed that uses only 20 watts. The roof of this insulated cat shelter hangs over the 2 doors to keep cats warm, safe and dry. Easy to assemble with Velcro walls and a zippered roof.

Additional Features:
  • Perfect for any outdoor cat
  • Waterproof for use anywhere outdoors
  • Two exits so pet can not be trapped by predators
  • No tools needed to assemble
  • 20 Watt (14" x 18") Advanced Heat Dispersion Heater
  • Thermostatically controlled to only warm under the pet
  • MET Listed to assure safe operation for you and your pet
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Cord Length: 5' 6" steel wrapped chew resistant cord
  • Outside Dimensions: 22" x 19" x 17"
  • Inside Dimensions: 16.5" x 13" x 16"
  • One year warranty


Lectro-Soft Pad Covers
Sale Price From: $9.95
Replacement washable heat pad covers. The covers add extra comfort and are available for every size Soft Outdoor Heated Bed. The special soft weave design allows the heat to radiate through.
Thermo Cube - Thermostatically Controlled Outlet
Price From: $17.95
Automatically turns product On/Off based on air temperature!
Quickly pays for itself in energy savings!
Cord Connect Protectors
Price From: $9.95
Provides a water-tight connection protection while locking cords together!

Customer Reviews

These are the most amazing heated cat houses on the market. I now own 3 of them. I feed and house stay and feral cats and these are the most durable product .
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Happy Snow — CA

Great looking, easy to put together & perfect for the outdoor cats.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved Kimberly Speers — PA, US

I set up the cat house for a feral cat family. After one day they discovered the cat house. Perfect! Now I don't have to worry about them, reassured they will be warm this winter.
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Verified by: Shopper Approved kathleen charles — WA, US

Extremely well made
Extremely well made and so easy to snap together. Really good size. Safe for cat with exits on both sides, and light plastic flaps on each exit that helps retain the warm comfy area.
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Mimi — Grand Junction, Co

Really solved our problem!!!!!
Attention, cat lovers!!! During a blustery, freezing night, I can sleep knowing the homeless cats that hang out in our backyard have a place to warm their paws, and stay out of the wind and snow. This heated outdoor cat house has two flapped exits allowing the cats to escape out of one side if a potential threat approaches the cat house from the other side. Our homeless cats love sleeping in this cat house almost all day. I am Soooooo thankful that K&H Pet Products developed this cat house. There is definitely a need for it, and they clearly thought out its design. A couple of recommendations from what we observed and worked for us: Observation #1 The cats initially were sniffing around the exits to make sure nothing was lurking just inside the cat house that they couldn't see. Solution to Observation #1 To introduce the cat house to the homeless cats, we placed their food bowl inside the cat house. With the exit flaps down, the cats could not smell the food very well though. We therefore used a couple of jumbo office binder clips to keep both exit flaps up all the way for the first day. Three or four hours after securing both exit flaps up, the first cat walked in, settled down, and that night, the others followed! Observation #2 I think the cats' second initial fear was feeling vulnerable to external threats while being inside the cat house. Solution to Observation #2 Positioning the cat house against a wall seemed to also help because "hugging" a wall made the cat house feel less out in the open, where it could be attacked from any side.
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Mia Wilkin — Springfield, VA

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