Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag - Hot Gear Bag Ajax

Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag - Hot Gear Bag Ajax

by Hot Gear Bag    

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The Ajax is a smaller model than the Classic and Pro, that fits into an airplane overhead bin, yet still holds boots, helmet, gloves, goggles, etc.

The Ajax Hot Gear Bag HEATS your boots and gear, so everything is easy to put on and stays warm for hours!

Why? Since the plastic is soft and pliable, the boots are easy to put on. The liners are warm so they mold to your feet for more comfort. When your boots are HOT, they heat your feet and don't cool off as quickly as boots at room temperature. Your body is at 98.6 degrees, right? At room temperature, your boots are 68 degrees at best. Without a Snow Eagle heated boot bag, your boots suck the heat out of your feet. As soon as you go outside your feet are COLD, not to mention the other effects of the outside temperatures. Simple physics. With the Ajax hot gear bag, the opposite happens... The boots heat your feet so when you go outside your feet stay warm for hours!

This Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag is produced by the same factory as the discontinued Hot Gear Bag, but with MANY improvements.

Additional Features:
  • Denier 600 Nylon HD construction
  • Heated step pad
  • Pockets galore
  • Back pack straps
  • Shoulder strap
  • 1.3 cubic feet capacity
  • (3) Three heat settings up to 165 degrees
  • Includes both 110V AC wall plug and 12V DC auto adapter plug
  • CE and ETL Certified
Here are some Top Skiers who use the Hot Gear Bag:
  • Ted Liggety
  • Bode Biller
  • Didi Cuche
  • Daron Rahlves
  • Lara Gut
  • Aksel Svindal
  • The US Ski Team
  • Austrian Ski Team
  • Canadian Ski Team
Companies that use the Hot Gear Bag:
  • Head
  • Atomic
  • Rossi
  • Lange
Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bag - Hot Gear Bag Replacement Element
Sale Price: $179
Our replacement elements are available for Snow Eagle Heated Boot Bags, Inferno Heated Shoe Drying Bag, and Hot Gear Bag models: The Classic, Ajax, Exec, and Pro.

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