Outlast® Temperature Regulating Bedding

Experience the Outlast Difference! Outlast "Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold" temperature regulating bedding technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Outlast bedding is comparable to ice in a drink; as it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer. Outlast phase change materials work in the same way, but are microencapsulated to be permanently enclosed and protected in a polymer shell.

This NASA technology now works for you to proactively regulate temperature, managing heat and moisture in your bedding products.

There is nothing worse than lying in bed unable to sleep because you can’t reach a comfortable temperature, but with Outlast temperature regulating bedding, that is a worry of the past.

Outlast brings you a whole line of products to help keep you comfortable at whatever temperature works best for you. Originally designed for NASA and space travel, Outlast temperature regulating bedding uses pro-active technology that changes based on your personal temperature.

When you start to get hot in bed, Outlast absorbs and stores the heat, which in turn cools you down. When you reach the point where you are too cold, the bedding releases the stored heat so you reach a comfortable warm temperature. This process continues through the night to ensure you maintain a comfortable sleep with no reason to toss the covers on and off.

CozyWinters offers a full line of Outlast temperature regulating products. Start your comfort at the base of the bed with an Outlast mattress pad. Layer on top of that the Outlast sheet set and pillow cases and finish off with your choice of a cotton or wool blanket and a lightweight comforter.

You will never get a better night’s sleep with any other bedding option out there and each bedding component is offered at a very reasonable price.

Make sure your furry friend is as comfortable in dreamland as you are by purchasing them the Outlast Temperature Regulating Dog or Cat Bed. Not only does this ensure they will be comfortable all night long, letting you have a nice, uninterrupted night of sleep, but it also is more likely they will stay on their own bed through the night instead of invading yours.

Not only does sharing a bed with your animals take up precious mattress space, but it also increases your body temperature as their fur surrounds you. Without this extra heat, you are more likely to experience gradual body temperature changes, instead of being consistently warm.