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GuidaRax Ski Storage Rack

GuidaRax Ski Storage Rack
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    Resilient GuidaRax Ski Storage Racks!

    GuidaRax racks hold your skis from their strongest point, the toe binding. This avoids undue pressure on the ski shovels. The rack is only 5 1/2" deep, so it does not consume valuable space from your room.

    Being injection molded from polypropylene, our rack is resistant to water, rusting or decay. The racks take only minutes to install, and keep equipment properly stored. Each rack holds two sets of skis and two sets of ski poles

    • Made of water and decay resistant polypropylene
    • No Assembly Required
    • Easy Wall Installation
    • Well-built and Durable
    • Hardware and Instructions Included
    • Manufacture Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in USA
    Single Guidarax Specs:
    • Width: 26-1/2"
    • Height: 5-1/2"
    • Depth: 5-1/2"
    • Weight: 1-1/2 lbs.
    Double Guidarax Specs:
    • Width: 53"
    • Height: 5-1/2"
    • Depth: 5-1/2"
    • Weight: 3 lbs.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Guidarax ski storage racks?
    Your skis may take a beating while in use, but there is still a proper way to store them for any long period of time. Hanging skis from their tips or shovels over a long period of time puts unnecessary stress on the shovel of the ski. This could eventually cause the tips to twist or crack. All the ski weight rests on the toe binding with Guidarax.

    What type of material is Guidarax made from?
    Guidarax is injection molded out of polypropylene, which is tinted to produce a neutral color shade that blends with most decor. Polypropylene is a high impact plastic, that is not subject to decay and rotting, as are many other products out there today.

    What is the actual size of Guidarax?
    Guidarax measure 26 1/2" wide. The rack is 5 1/2 " in height. The rack is 5 1/2" in depth. The rack with the hardware and instructions included weighs only 1 1/2 lbs. Each rack holds two sets of skis and two sets of ski poles.

    Is it possible to store 8 sets of skis along one wall in our ski room?
    The Guidarax design is such that all the skis will be stored securely and uniformly by simply mounting one rack right next to each other. Eight sets of skis could be stored along an 18 foot long wall with out any problems. Hardware for mounting the racks on stud or off studs is provided with each rack.

    Will I receive a price discount for the purchase of more than one rack?
    Guidarax offers a multi purchase discount for ordering two racks.

    If I store my skis right after use, while they are still wet effect my rack?
    The material the racks are made from is not effected at all by, water, snow, or moisture. Polypropylene is a resin based plastic product.

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