Hotronic Foot Warmers and Boot Heaters

No More Cold Feet! With Hotronics Foot Warmers you can ski all day long! No matter how cold it is, your feet can stay nice and cozy with our Hotronic Boot Heaters. Simply insert them in your boots and off you go!

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Hotronic Power Plus Sets

Want to update from previous batteries to the S4 or S3 batteries? You'll need the Power Plus SET with 2 battery packs and the new White Plug S, e and m Series recharger. Your existing heating elements will work with both S4 and S3 batteries.

Did you know Hotronic Foot Warmers can keep your feet warm so you can ski all day?

There are lots of tips out there to help your feet avoid the chill while skiing. Of course, you want to make sure your boots fit correctly and are not too snug. Ski socks and insulated boot liners can help, as can making sure your boots are completely dry when you set out to ski. These are all important to keeping your feet warm, but the best way to deliver comfort and ensure toasty toes is with a Hotronic boot heater.

Hotronic’s foot warmers are powerful and compact, easily installed in all types of footwear, simple to transfer, and ideal for sports of all types, including skiing, fishing, and bicycling. With hours of warmth delivered to your feet and adjustable heat settings, your feet have never had it so good! The Power Plus S3 and Power Plus S4 are available in Men’s, Women’s, and One Size Fits All (trim-to-fit) insole sizes. They feature push-button controls and high-capacity NiMH cells.

CozyWinters keeps you stocked up with supplies to keep everything working like it should, including Hotronic battery packs, rechargers, heating elements, and mounting brackets for battery packs. The Heat Ready Insoles work with the Power PlusFootWarmer Custom to deliver warmth and comfort all day, no matter the activity.

Check out the newly redesigned Snapdry for shoes, boots, and gloves. Just insert the flexi-tubes, turn on the Snadry, and a ceramic heater delivers warm air for convenient, quiet drying of snowboard boots or gloves. Got wet soccer cleats, hockey skates, or ski boots? Keep them soft and dry them quickly! Use as a pre-warmer for a toasty start to your day outside.

Hotronic foot warmers and Hotronic boot heaters simplify your routine and keep feet warm so you can focus on enjoying the outdoors. Just slip them in, and you are ready to go! Don’t make the mistake of going out unprepared, or simply adding another layer of socks; keep your feet warm the right way with Hotronic foot warmers!