Spare XLP Surround Comfort Heat Socks for the Hotronic Heated Sock System

Spare XLP Surround Comfort Heat Socks for the Hotronic Heated Sock System

by Hotronic    

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Please note that these spare socks will NOT heat without
the Power Pack that is sold with our Heated Sock System.


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Spare XLP Surround Comfort Heat Socks for the Hotronic Heated Sock System

  • Consists of 1 pair of BootDoc's Power Fit Socks integrated with Hotronic's Surround Heating Elements
  • Materials: 74% nylon, 20% Lycra/Spandex, 6% Merino wool
  • Ideal moisture transportation
  • Added shin protections
  • PFI 50 - Soft, compression rating of 10-15 mmHg
  • Sizes: S, M, L, and XL

XLP Heat Sock PFI Power Fit Index

The Power Fit Index (PFI) indicates the overall level of gradual pressure distribution woven into each pair of BootDoc's Power Fit Socks. PFI 30 designates a gentle pressure distribution while PFI 90 classifies as strong and is therefore only found in BootDoc's performance series.


Heat Socks XLP One Sizing Chart**
Size EU US / CA Men US / CA Women UK Metric
S 35-38 4-6 5-7 3-5 220-240
M 39-41 7-8 8-9 6-7 250-260
L 42-44 9-10 10-11 8-9 270-280
XL 45-48 11-13 12-14 10-12 290-310
PowerPack XLP 1P Bluetooth for Hotronic Heated Socks
Sale Price: $239.95
2 battery packs + 1 Recharger. Up to 13+ hours of warmth.

Customer Reviews

Hotronic Heated Socks
Socks work great. Thin enough to fit in my plug race boots with lace up liners. You don't feel heat, but your toes just don't get cold. The App is excellent. Very easy to setup and use!
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Clifford Weiss —

Over the years, I have tried various devices to keep my feet warm during outdoor activities in NH in the winter. I like the socks because I can use them in any of my boots, so I bought a spare pair so I can wash one and wear one. Changing the heat setting on the battery pack isn't easy if you are wearing layers, so I usually set it to Level 2 for most conditions.
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Kathryn Burnell —

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