Heated Hockey Gear Bag - Elminates Odors

Heated Hockey Gear Bag - Elminates Odors

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Heated Hockey Bag - Hit the Rink, without the Stink.

The Heated Hockey Bag uses patented technology to safely heat the contents of your bag to 43° C. The Bacteria and Odor Eliminating Sanitize & Dry Cycle completely dries your gear, leaving your pads sanitized and fresh. Or use the Pregame Equipment Warm-Up to arrive to the rink or ODR with warm and soft gear.

SAFE for your gear and your nose to use INDOOR or OUTDOOR. Never air out your gear again.

Pregame Equipment Warm-Up
Show up to the rink with warm, dry, and clean gear. Never put on a pair of soaking wet and freezing cold skates, shins, or shoulder pads ever again. Look good, feel good, play good.

Bacteria and Odor Eliminating Sanitize & Dry Cycle
Eliminate odor causing bacteria leaving your pads dry, fresh, and clean for the next time you take the ice and for all of the time in-between.

Mesh Laundry Bag
Place your dirty "soft" clothing into the mesh laundry bag and place it directly into the washing machine. When cleaned, place it back on top of your bag so you always have clean clothes and you never have to dig through your bag for a dirty sock ever again.

Freshness Cycle
Add dryer sheets to your skates, gloves, and throughout the bag for added odor control and freshness. You cannot add too many.

Other Features:
  • 2 Non-Heated End Pockets
  • Bag Tag Identification Window
  • High Quality Stitching and Zippers
  • Soft Pad Infused into Bag Lining
  • Wall Outlet Plug
  • High Weight Capacity Handle
  • Heavy Duty Hand & Shoulder Strap
  • 120 Volt Keychain
  • Remote Control for Heat


Fine tuned and crafted over the last 20 years, Inferno Bags has perfected Heated Bag concepts by combining our Patented Bacteria and Odor Eliminating Technology with high quality products and manufacturer's, bringing you the best hockey bag ever created.

Non-Heated End Pocket #1:
This pocket is more than large enough to store the Heat Remote and also any extra items that you do now want to heat when bag is turned on.

Bag Tag Identification Window:
For quick and easy bag identification whether inside the airport or the locker room.

High Quality Stitching and Zippers:
Allow stink to remain in the bag until the bacteria is eliminated, allowing it to be used indoors. High quality materials makes the bag supremely durable and long lasting, heat after heat.

Soft Pad Infused into Bag Lining:
Keeping the heat inside the bag while heating, keeps your equipment from overheating, and protects the contents inside from being dropped, smashed into car trunks, and overall wear and tear.

Wall Outlet Plug
Standard wall outlet socket plug so you can plug your bag in anywhere with electricity to let this heated hockey bag work its magic.

High Weight Capacity Handle:
Move, grab, flip, or remove with ease from the trunk of your car. (Handles on both ends of the bag)

Heavy Duty Hand & Shoulder Strap:
Comfortable, sturdy, and the perfect length to carry by hand, or throw it over your shoulder to carry your gear to the locker room.

120 Volt Keychain
This cool looking keychain marks which end pocket holds the cord and remote control for the heat. Trust me, it will save you time and keep you from guessing, "which pocket is it again?"

Remote Control for Heat
Switch that controls whether the heat is on or off when the bag is plugged in.

‚ÄčNon-Heat End Pocket #2
Safely store tape, wax, pucks, personal items, or anything else that you would like to keep in the bag, but does not need to be heated.

Mesh Laundry Bag
Make your heated hockey bag experience even better by using our provided Mesh Laundry Bags. Keep all of your socks, jerseys, under armor, towels, and any other soft clothing materials into the mesh laundry bag.

For best results, when getting undressed, place all of your wet clothing items in the Mesh Laundry bag, and pack your equipment inside of the bag, placing your Mesh Laundry Bag in last so that it sits right on top. When you arrive home, open your heated hockey bag, remove the mesh laundry bag and place it directly into the washing machine. It is large enough that you do not need to remove anything from the Mesh Laundry Bag. Just toss it in the laundry and wash as you would any workout clothing.

Keep your hands smelling clean and never have to dig through your wet equipment again to find your last sock, or to air our your slimy gross equipment.


Manual: Download the Instructions (PDF)

Operating Instructions and Pro Tips

Step 1


Load equipment into bag and linens into mesh laundry bag

  • For best results, when getting undressed, place all of your wet clothing items in the Mesh Laundry Bag, and pack your equipment inside of the bag, placing your Mesh Laundry Bag in last so that it sits right on top. When you arrive home and open your bag, remove the mesh Laundry bag and place it directly into the washing machine. This will allow the bag to focus on cleaning the pads and not waste its energy on clothes that can be placed in the washing machine.
  • WILL WORK EVEN BETTER if the equipment is cleaned before the 1st use, but it is NOT NECESSARY. Cleaning with water and soap will ensure get rid of the built-up of bacteria in the gear and will allow the 43 Degree Sanitize & Dry cycle to completely dry and and sanitize the equipment after each use.
  • REMOVE the insoles of your SKATES to help them dry more efficiently and to prevent rivets from rusting. Leave inside bag, okay to heat.
  • Load your HELMET and SKATES on the ENDS of the bag. The Helmet and Skates need the least amount of heat to dry and sanitize, placing then on the ends will keep them safe, and allow the rest of your gear to soak up most of the heat.
  • FRESHNESS CYCLE: Add dryer sheets to your skates, gloves, and throughout the bag for added odor control or freshness. Go wild, the more the merrier.


Plug in Controller and turn ON

  • Turn the controller attached to the end pocket of the bag.
  • Heat temperature needed will differ depending on how dirty/sweaty the gear is, size of equipment, and temp of the room the bag is in. We recommend starting on the DRY setting and then turning it up to HOT if needed.
  • Don't worry, you can't leave the bag on for too long. If you forget to turn it off, don't sweat it. During testing we left a bag on for several weeks and there was no damage to the bag or the equipment inside. Of course, please turn the bag off when the gear inside is dry to conserve energy.
  • Zip all three of the zippers (2 end pockets, and main zipper) to keep the stink from escaping and the bag to work best.
Step 2
Step 3a

STEP 3a:


  • Never put on COLD equipment ever again. The heat softens the palms of your gloves, and leaves your equipment feeling as our tester Andrew describes, "like taking piping hot cookies out of the oven."
  • Allow at least 60 minutes for the bag to heat
  • Heating times will vary depening on how warm you like your gear and how cold it is when the bag is turned on.
  • Once unplugged, if fully zipped, the bag will preserve the heat, maintaining warmth for several hours.

STEP 3b:

Bacteria and Odor Eliminating Sanitize & Dry Cycle

  • Never air out your equipment again. The heat will eliminate odor causing bacteria, while drying your gear, and leaving it feeling fresh and new after each use.
  • Amount of time needed for full sanitization and drying of equipment will depend on the size of the equipment, the amount of sweat in the gear, and the outside/ground temperature in which the bag is being stored.
  • *FRESHNESS CYCLE*: To further eliminate odor, place several dryer sheets throughout the bag (one in each skate and glove, and a few throughout the bag) to leave equipment feeling and smelling like they just came out of the dryer.
Step 3b
Step 4


Enjoy! At Home and in the Locker Room

  • As hockey players we know all too well the enormous pit in your stomach as your search through your bag looking for your second glove....Oh no, did I leave it at home when airing my stuff out?!? What will I do! Well, with Inferno Bags, never feel this way again. Because you do not have to remove your equipment to air out, you can always keep your gear inside, and never have to worry about leaving an essential item at home.
  • Bag works SILENTLY even at full temp, and can be used indoors, even right in the middle of your living room.
  • Perfect for APARTMENTS and CITY LIVING where you do not have an outdoor space to air your gear out. As long as all three zippers remain completely closed until heating cycle is complete, you can use anywhere and your significant other wont even get mad.

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