Gerbing Gyde Y Harness - 12v Motorcycle

Gerbing Gyde Y Harness - 12v Motorcycle

by Gerbing Gyde       

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Gyde Heated Clothing, powered by Gerbing Gyde Coax Y-Harness for 12v Heated Clothing connects either two 12v gloves, or two 12v insoles, if they are not going to be used by interconnecting with your 12v heated pants or jacket.

1 year warranty.

All Gyde Heated Clothing, powered by Gerbing, connectors and accessories are fully compatible with Heat-Troller, Warm & Safe, Harley-Davidson, and WarmGear™, coax connectors and accessories.

Harley-Davidson is a trademark of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company


Warranty Information
Lifetime on the Heating Pads/Elements. 1 Year on materials and craftsmanship including wires and plugs. Any alteration of the product voids the warranty.

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