Gerbing Gyde 7V Battery

Gerbing Gyde 7V Battery

by Gerbing Gyde       

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7.4V Lithium Battery for Gyde 7V Battery Heated Clothing

Key Features:
  • Integrated microprocessor and LED switch
  • Rechargeable 7 volt lithium battery pack with keeps you warm for up to 8 hours
  • Compatible with all 7 volt vests, jackets, gloves and accessories
  • Secure power plug solution
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Power level indication
  • Dual side connection input
  • Order includes: 1 Battery

Heat Duration:
LEVEL 1: Up to 8 hours (25%)
LEVEL 2: Up to 5 hours (50%)
LEVEL 3: Up to 3 hours (75%)
LEVEL 4: Up to 2 hours (100%)

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