Gobi Heat Additional/Replacement Glove Batteries, 2-pack

Gobi Heat Additional/Replacement Glove Batteries, 2-pack

by Gobi Heat    

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2-pack of 2100mAh Lithium Ion batteries for use with Gobi Heat gloves.

Give yourself an extra 6 hours of battery life with the 2100mAh Gobi Heat lithium ion glove batteries.

  • Up to 6 hours of battery life on low heat
  • Works on Stealth and Epic gloves
  • Lightweight, compact shape

For use with the following Gobi Heat products:

  • Stealth Heated Glove Liners
  • Epic Heated Ski Gloves

Please Note: Gobi Heat accessories are not compatible with any other brands products. This includes Dragon Heatwear products. If you are needing an accessory for Dragon Heatwear, please purchase it here --> Dragon Heatwear.

1 Year Warranty.

Replacement/Additional Glove Charger
Sale Price: $19
Replacement wall charger to charge Gobi Heat glove batteries.

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