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If you need a present but arenít sure what to give, a CozyWinters gift certificate might be just what you need. With our wide array of products, whoever you are shopping for will have a lot of options. We sell all the things your outdoor lover needs, including heated clothing, face masks, motorcycle clothing, feet warmers, and more.

When you buy a gift certificate you get:

  • Easy to buy - just add gift certificates to your shopping cart then check out or keep on shopping for other items for yourself.
  • Easy to redeem - just shop in the store and place items in the shopping cart normally. At checkout, enter the gift certificate key then re-calculate the cart balance. If the certificate balance is not enough to cover the purchase, the difference is paid with a credit card. If the certificate is larger than the purchase, the receipt will show the balance remaining on the gift certificate.
  • Your choice of amount - from $25 to $500. Pick the amount that fits your budget or give an amount that fits the occasion.
  • Automatic balance tracking - our online system automatically keeps track of any unused balance so the lucky recipient of a larger gift can make several shopping visits. Each time they buy something the balance remaining on the certificate will be displayed on the receipt.
  • Secure - every gift certificate includes a unique certificate key which must be entered before checkout.

Why guess about what gifts will be the best for your friends or family? Buy gift certificates now and let them choose for themselves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Gift certificates are treated the same as cash and should be carefully protected from unauthorized use. Please click here for the complete details of the gift certificate warranty and terms of use.

And for the cold inside, we have heated mattress pads, electric blankets, and temperature regulating bedding. We can even keep the family pet safe from the freezing temperatures. Even in hot temperatures, we have a lot to offer from fans to cooling apparel. And we offer a lot of home products just to make your house look good no matter the temperature outside or in.

Keep organized and make your house look nice with our coat racks, fishing pole racks, ski or snowboard racks, or wine storage racks. Many of these even come in snow ski or snowboard designs for your winter sports fanatic.

We have so many choices that we cannot list them all here. Make sure you take a look around and see all of the great products and brands that we sell. Think of all the options that anybody you buy a CozyWinters gift certificate will have to choose from. Plus, you know they will be happy because they got to pick it out themselves.

When you are having trouble deciding what to get someone who loves being outdoors because there are just so many options you know they will love, you donít need to decide. Just let them do it. You wonít have to worry about picking the wrong thing, and they know they will get something they need and want. Itís a win-win situation.

CozyWinters gift certificates come in ranges from $25 all the way up to $500, so you can get the amount that is right for you and the person you are gifting. When you are unsure what to get but you know we are where you want to get it, donít stress over your purchase. Just choose a CozyWinters gift certificate and let us take care of the rest.

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