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PEET Carry All Bag

PEET Carry All Bag
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    PEET® Pack!

    The classic logoed PEET® Pack is designed to carry and store your PEET Dryer products, conveniently and neatly! PEET Pack is an ideal and compact way to take the comfort of "PEET Dry" anywhere you go.

    Deluxe PEET Pack is designed to carry: Original PEET® Dryer and Wader PEET® Dryer (pack does not accommodate the Multi or Advantage PEET®).

    PEET's full zippered carry bag is designed for easy loading and unloading, with comfortable carrying strap.

    PEET Carry Pack Features:

    • Designed to Carry: Original and Wader
    • Material: High quality nylon
    • Color: Black and Olive Green
    • Dimensions: 9"L x 8"W x 13"H

    PEET Dryer is the Authentic Original footwear dryers, since 1968. We Invented Dry!

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