Stabilicers Macro Replacement Cleats, Set

Stabilicers Macro Replacement Cleats, Set

by STABILicers    

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Out until Fall 2022
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4 piece set of stainless steel cleats.

4 Cleats for use with Stabilicers Hike XP and Stabilicers Hike Macro.

Stabilicers Cleat Wrench
Sale Price: $12.49
Use this Cleat Wrench for replacing cleats on Stabilicers Maxx, Run, Hike XP, Hike Macro, Overshoes, and Heel.
STABILicers Replacement Cleats
Sale Price: $12.49
Replacement cleats for STABILicers ice cleats.
STABILicers Hike XP Explorer - Snow and Ice Cleats
Sale Price: $64.99
Designed for outdoor enthusiasts who hike challenging terrain in all winter conditions.

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