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CritterCord - Cord Protector

CritterCord - Cord Protector
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    Designed to protect your pet from dangerous electrical cords!

    CritterCord cord protector citrus infused protective tubing deters household pets from approaching protected cords, and its heavy gauge protects against even persistent chewers. The non-toxic citrus scent is infused into the pet cord protector and therefore won't wipe or rub away. CritterCord protectors are virtually invisible so they won't disrupt your home decor.

    Think of the many ways you can use CritterCord cord protector application for your home; phone cords, computer wires, household appliance cords, audio/video connection cable, and even holiday lights. The pet cord protector is conveniently packaged in ten foot individual sections, simply cut the tubing to desired length.

    • Clear, flexible tubing is virtually invisible
    • Made from medical grade tubing the infused citrus scent is non-toxic
    • Comes conveniently packaged in ten foot individual sections
    • Heavy gauge tubing that is pre-slit, simply cut to desired length
    • Slides over almost any household cord
    • Each order includes 1 ten foot section

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    CritterCord Creation

    The cord was created out of one simple reason: The desire for a solution that, quite simply, was not available.

    The Inventor's family cat, Mumba, was a fanatical chewer; attacking any exposed cords with reckless abandon. Mumba did not discriminate. Trying every available option on the market at the time, nothing would abate the cat's appetite for cord chewing.

    Understanding the problem was not just aggravating and expensive, but also quite possible a health risk for Mumba and a fire hazard for the family. This was an issue that REQUIRED a solution.

    After months of trail-and-error, with collaborative efforts, a successful solution was created. The inventor shared the solution with friends who were facing the same issues... with beaming response. The CritterCord was born. Now, pet owners around the world are able to purchase the innovative solution to help protect their pets, CritterCord.

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