5 Best Things About Fall

fall_leaves_1_Gorgeous foliage. An end to stifling heat and humidity. Pumpkin spice everything. The approach of the holidays. There are so many great things about fall that it was difficult to limit ourselves to the five we love best, but here’s what we came up with:

The weather
Daytime temps are perfect for most every kind of outdoor activity imaginable, from hiking and picnicking to biking, flying kites, and exploring new neighborhoods on foot. Meanwhile, cooler nighttime temperatures yield ideal sleeping weather, particularly with the aid of a heated blanket later in the season.


College and pro football
Let’s face it: baseball hasn’t been “America’s pastime” for at least a decade now. These days, it’s all about college and pro football, so whether you prefer partying with a huge crowd in the student section at a university stadium or cheering on your hometown NFL team from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy, you’ll rejoice in the fact that football is back.


New TV shows
It’s finally time to bid farewell to the perpetual reruns and terrible reality shows that make up the bulk of summer television programming. Fall marks the return of regular cable and network TV schedules, which means fresh episodes of your favorite sitcoms and dramas, as well as a whole slew of new series to get addicted to.


Flattering clothes
Keeping fit enough for a typically revealing summer wardrobe is hard work, which is why most of us feel a great sense of relief when we can start wearing blazers, sweaters, and other clothes that hide our imperfections while still presenting a flattering appearance.


Winter is getting closer
Winter is obviously our favorite season, so perhaps the very best part of fall for us is the fact that we’re a couple months closer to long weekends of winter sports and activities in our heated vests, battery-heated gloves, and boot warmers.


This list covers a mere handful of the many benefits and pleasures associated with fall. As you enjoy what the season has to offer, don’t forget that now is the time to start gearing up for winter. We recommend stocking up on heated clothing and related accessories right now to ensure you’re ready for the cold and snow that’s just around the corner.