How to Improve Circulation

August 26, 2014

Poor circulation can be caused by any number of medical or lifestyle factors, including diabetes, hypothyroidism, lack of exercise, smoking, and obesity. Individuals that suffer from poor circulation typically experience coldness or numbness in their extremities, pain or cramping while walking, and slower healing of wounds. More serious issues, such as greater susceptibility to blood […]

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Top Hiking Destinations in the U.S.

August 5, 2014

Hiking perennially ranks as one of America’s most popular summer pastimes—and for good reason. It is an activity that just about everyone can participate in, regardless of age or experience, and doesn’t require a whole lot of expensive gear to get started. In fact, if you are relatively fit and can walk while carrying a […]

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Keeping Warm in a Chilly Office

July 22, 2014

To a majority of people, an air conditioned office is viewed as a welcome refuge from the hot, muggy midsummer temperatures that are currently afflicting most of the country. But, as the old adage says, you can have too much of a good thing, and this applies as much to artificially cooled workspaces as to […]

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Follow the Snow

July 8, 2014

Most people can’t wait for winter to give way to the warmth of spring and summer, but skiers and snowboarders are a different breed. They exult in the cold and snow, and usually can’t make it through an entire off-season without indulging in their favorite activity at least one more time. Of course the challenge […]

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Tips for Sleeping Better in Hot Weather

June 11, 2014

Although nighttime temperatures may still cool and pleasant for many, the summer heat could make it more difficult to fall—and stay—asleep in warmer parts of the country. Obviously, if you have a working air conditioner in the bedroom, getting comfortable at night won’t necessarily be much of an issue. But if you’re not in a […]

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The Dangers of Leaving Pets in Hot Cars

May 20, 2014

It’s natural to want to take your dog or cat with you when you go on a long road trip, spend a day at the beach, or simply run errands around town. After all, pets are an important part of the family, and it wouldn’t be the same to do these things without them. However, […]

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

May 6, 2014

The warm spring sun makes May an ideal month for getting out of the house with your dog to enjoy activities such as early morning jogs, Frisbee sessions at the park, and excursions to the beach, lake, or river. While canine safety is not such an issue during park play or on-leash jogging, it is […]

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Tips for Storing Ski/Snowboard Gear

April 29, 2014

Mid-April means the end of another awesome ski and snowboard season for most parts of the country. You’ve had your fun out on the slopes every weekend for the past several months, and are already counting down the days until winter returns and you can get back to ripping or shredding. But in order to […]

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American Cities with the Harshest Winters

April 15, 2014

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to know that not all winter weather is created equal. Even if you eliminate places like Florida, Arizona, and Hawaii from consideration, there are still significant differences in average temperatures, wind chill, and snowfall from region to region, state to state, and city to city. Of course, in […]

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How to De-Winterize Your Vehicle

March 25, 2014

Now that it looks like temperatures are warming up in many places, you should spend a few hours de-winterizing your vehicle to get it ready for spring. This process usually involves reversing all the things you did to winterize it in the first place, plus a couple extra detailing steps to remove any lingering road […]

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