Spring Break Ski Trip Tips

spring break skiSpring break is virtually synonymous with places like Daytona Beach, South Padre Island, Cancun, and other warm weather destinations. However, not everyone desires the sand, surf, and teeming hordes of students at this time of year, which is why ski trips are becoming increasingly popular among spring breakers. If you’d rather party in the mountains than in more traditional locales, check out these spring break ski trip tips we’ve collected here.

  • Gather the whole gang together: Try to book travel and accommodations for as large a group as possible to reduce individual expenses. Once at your destination, you can decide whether to break up into smaller groups and go your own way or stick together.
  • Look for lift ticket discounts: Paying full price for lift tickets can really eat into your budget, so look for discounts wherever you can find them. Buying in advance, purchasing group packages, and taking advantage of birthday specials are just a few ways to get a better deal.
  • Check the weather forecast frequently and dress for the conditions: Being underdressed for a day of skiing or snowboarding is the quickest way to kill the fun. Avoid this problem by checking the weather forecast before you go out and dressing in layers. Wear a battery-heated vest or gloves for adjustable warmth all day long, and use an electric boot and glove dryer to make sure your gear is ready for the next day as well.
  • Take lessons before hitting the slopes: Chances are not everyone in the group is a competent skier, so we recommend taking lessons first in order to help prevent injuries. Most resorts offer beginner classes for complete newbies, as well as refresher courses for those that simply need to review the fundamentals.
  • Spend time away from the mountain: Many top ski destinations offer a wide range of off mountain activities at this time of year. From beer, film, and food festivals to shopping, sightseeing, and a variety of nightclubs, you’ll find something appealing for everyone in the group.

Do you and your friends want an alternative to the usual spring break scene? Then skip the beach and use the above tips to help plan an unforgettable ski trip instead.