Tips for a Better Ski Season

couple_skiAre you going skiing for the first time ever this winter or are you returning to the slopes after a long absence? Did you get some new ski gear for Christmas that you’re looking to break in? If so, you might be tempted to book a room at the nearest lodge and get on the mountain as soon as possible. But rushing out before reviewing our tips could lead to discomfort, disappointment, or maybe even injury, so read on to learn how to enjoy a better ski season.

Give yourself time to acclimate to the environment
When spending several days at a ski resort, it would be a good idea to give your body time to adjust to the cold weather and higher altitude. Instead of skiing on the first day, try alternate activities such as taking in the sights, walking around town, or even running or stretching in the lodge gym. Then turn in early for a good night’s sleep to be sure you’re completely refreshed and ready to ski the next morning.

Use gift cards instead of carrying cash
These days many resorts offer gift cards that can be used for everything from equipment rentals to food and drinks. Gift cards are better than cash because they do not get soggy or unusable after being in your pocket all day long and are more convenient than credit cards because they don’t yield personal financial information if they get lost or stolen.

Pack light and pack well
No one wants to be encumbered with a bunch of suitcases as well as skis, poles, helmet, and boots, so pack light but well for your trip. To reduce bulk, wear battery heated apparel like our heated base layer, heated puffy vest with zip-on sleeves, heated socks, or heated gloves. And use our heated boot and glove dryer to ensure you don’t have to pack double the gear in order to have dry equipment every day.

Ask for resort packages, discounts, and coupons
Most resorts offer special deals—even during peak season—to entice skiers to their slopes. For example, some places will throw in free rentals when you book rooms, while others might give lodging and lift ticket discounts for large groups. A few resorts even provide checked baggage reimbursement vouchers for guests to offset the extra fees airlines typically charge for checking skis.

Keep safety in mind
Beginners should take lessons before attempting any run on their own, and regardless of skill level, nobody should try to get in “one last run” when they are tired or sore or the lighting or weather conditions are poor. For a successful ski trip, safety must remain a priority at all times.