Keep Indoor Cats Entertained

Aug 1 Keep indoor cats entertainedCats that are kept indoors must be provided with lots of stimulating activities to help them cope with the confinement. This stimulation not only wards off boredom and reduces stress, but also prevents undesirable behaviors such as excessive meowing, scratching at furniture, and urinating outside the litter box. So consider trying these ideas for keeping your feline friend entertained throughout the day:

  • Use our heated windowsill cat bed to create a comfy perch for your pet to sit on while gazing out at birds, passing cars, and pedestrians. This is a simple activity that will occupy your cat for hours all year round.
  • Leave the radio tuned to a classical music station or play a CD of nature sounds to soothe and comfort your pet when no one is home.
  • Satisfy your cat’s need to climb by creating safe pathways to the tops of bookshelves and other high places. You may also wish to buy a multistory cat furniture tree or activity center for the same purpose.
  • Indulge the natural hunting instincts in your cat by hiding treats or dry kibble around your home. Change the locations frequently to keep things interesting—but be sure to retrace your steps every now and then to clean up anything your cat might have missed.
  • Give your cat new items to sniff, play with, and explore. These might be anything from windup mice and other store bought toys to paper bags, cardboard boxes, or fallen bird feathers and tree leaves.
  • Teach your cat to walk on a leash or build a secure enclosure for the yard. This will enable your favorite feline to enjoy some of the perks of being outdoors without any of the attendant dangers.
  • Treat your cat to quality one-on-one playtime and cuddle time as often as possible.

Since every cat has its own distinct personality, it’s impossible to predict which of these entertainment ideas your pet will respond to and which will just be ignored. So why not try them all and then stick to the ones that work best!